Inhuman Atrocities Is Band Of The Month On MDR December 2018! Saturday December 1 2018, 6:37 PM
Inhuman Atrocities Is Band Of The Month On MDR December 2018!

Completely annihilating the competition almost every week this month with a total of 26,782 votes!

Inhuman Atrocities was born from the ashes of Apathy in 2014. After releasing "Desolate Terra" in March of 2012, the group began working on new material for their first full length album. Lineup changes had begun to plague the band but they kept working on new material. Finally enlisting the help of Deceive's drummer Josh Null and new vocalist James "Goblin Carcass" Williams the group was solidified and ready to unleash it's brand of Death Metal. The sound ranging from unrelenting brutal death metal riffing to heavy slamming breakdowns while still adding progressive elements to the style. With the release of "Into the Further" the band shows this shift, giving fans of anything heavy something to sink their teeth into.

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