Magnets For Maniacs & Rezet - Featured Interviews - Metal Devastation Music Fest 2024 Saturday July 6 2024, 1:06 PM
Magnets For Maniacs & Rezet - Featured Interviews - Metal Devastation Music Fest 2024

Tennessee Metal Devastation Music Fest 2024 presents a live interview with Magnets For Maniacs & REZET on The Zach Moonshine Show, we talk to Magnets For Maniacs about their upcoming show at this years Tennessee Metal Devastation Music Fest, and we talk to Rezet about their new self titled album! This episode features new music from Any Given Reason, BREATH OF ASHES (B.O.A.), Dark Inquisition, White Crone, Webb Of Deceit, CRAZY MAD RIDE, Summoner's Circle, Illusion of Fate, H1Z1, Sun Mantra, Traitor, Shock Culture, Nino Helfrich & Britta Görtz , Off The Realm, Vigor Mortis, and BLIND MAN'S GUN!

Track List:

Battle Of The Bands Winners:

1 - Any Given Reason - State Of Mentality
2 - BREATH OF ASHES (B.O.A.) - Soul Divide
3 - Dark Inquisition - Glorification Of Evil

The Zach Moonshine Intro

4 - White Crone - Prognosticator
5 - Webb Of Deceit - Peace Of Chaos (featuring Brandon Barker)/Center Of Your Spine (featuring Jason Aaron Wood)/Hellswithin (Feat. Dave Frost & Jason Aaron Wood)
6 - CRAZY MAD RIDE - Scorpio

Magnets For Maniacs - Interview featuring 872/Deadfall/Headshot

7 - Summoner's Circle - 3 Shroud of Humanity
8 - Illusion of Fate - Eye of the Penumbra
9 - H1Z1 - haRd
10 - Sun Mantra - Cosmic Law

Rezet - Interview featuring Duck & Cover/Unholy Grail

11 - Traitor - Total Thrash (live)
12 - Shock Culture - Baptism in Cyanide
13 - Nino Helfrich & Britta Görtz - All Must Die
14 - Off The Realm (Tim Black) - Yasmine
15 - Vigor Mortis - Minä olen monet
16 - BLIND MAN'S GUN - Rain or Shine Live 2024

Streaming now on Mixcloud!

Also check out the isolated interview clips on YouTube, Spotify, Apple and more!

Super massive thanks to the 10,303 metal maniacs from around the world that tuned in to the live broadcast of the show!


The lineup for Tennessee Metal Devastation Music Fest 2024 is now complete, featuring a stellar array of bands:


    Summoner's Circle
    Arsenic Addiction
    Violence System
    Sun Mantra
    Quiescent Mantis
    Illusion Of Fate
    Soma Irot
    Magnets For Maniacs
    Autumn Lies Buried

We extend a huge thank you to our incredible sponsors for making this event possible: Dark Sails Entertainment, Metal Devastation Radio, Metal Devastation PR, Extreme Management Group, Inc., Exitus Stratagem Records, Black Doomba Records, The Downtown Tavern, Misfits Market EXPO, SmithodditieS, Beauty and Bees, Beards and Bees Beardcare, Enchanted Inks' Tattoo & Piercing Studio, Michigan Metal Fest, Lisa Adkins Photography & Marketing, and Metal-O-Mania.

Tickets are on sale now! Scan the QR code or go to this link: We can't wait to see you all in October for an unforgettable day of metal mayhem!

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