The Maryland Doom Fest - Bloodshot - Featured Interview & The Zach Moonshine Show Saturday April 13 2024, 12:35 PM
The Maryland Doom Fest - Bloodshot - Featured Interview & The Zach Moonshine Show

'JB Matson from Bloodshot & Maryland Doom Fest' joins The Zach Moonshine Show, to talk about his latest release 'Sacramental Gore', the fest and much more! We play music from his band as well as releases from Terra Nullius, Refestramus, Beyond God, Witches Of God, Kerry King, Exodus, THE LURKING CORPSES, THE TROOPS OF DOOM, The Obsessed, High On Fire, Pentagram, Conan, Spillage, Joe Robinson, Darkthrone, Skulls Of Death, Brutal Death Fuck, The Red Mountain, Jack Ire, Webb Of Deceit, Black Lava, Draghkar, Al-Namrood, SENTIMENT DISSOLVE, I AM THE INTIMIDATOR, Halford, Waking The Sleeper, Human Infection, Sun Descends Alone, ANTICHRIST SIEGE MACHINE, and EVILON!

Track List:

1 - Terra Nullius - Magam bajnoka
2 - Refestramus - The Devil Returns
3 - Beyond God - Frostbite

The Zach Moonshine Intro

4 - Witches Of God - Where Dreams Go To Die
5 - Kerry King - Residue
6 - Exodus - Fabulous Disaster
7 - THE LURKING CORPSES - Murder Sweet Murder
8 - THE TROOPS OF DOOM - Chapels Of The Unholy
9 - The Obsessed - Stoned Back to the Bomb Age

Bloodshot - Interview featuring Sacramental Gore/Endless Nightmare/Wave Walker

10 - High On Fire - Cometh The Storm
11 - Pentagram - Petrified
12 - Conan - Invinciblade
13 - Spillage - Blood Of Angels/Free Man
14 - Joe Robinson - Trail of tears
15 - Darkthrone - Black Dawn Affiliation
16 - Skulls Of Death - Flight Of Doom
17 - Brutal Death Fuck - SODOMIZED ON THE CRUCIFIX/c**ts demo/The Devils Whiskey
18 - The Red Mountain - The Color Greed
19 - Jack Ire - Morphine (feat. Dave Frost)
20 - Webb Of Deceit - Center Of Your Spine (featuring Jason Aaron Wood)
21 - Black Lava - Ironclad Sarcophagus
22 - Jack Ire - Attrition
23 - Draghkar - The Last Dreamer
24 - Al-Namrood - Lisan Al Nar
25 - SENTIMENT DISSOLVE - Forced Birther
27 - Halford - Made Of Metal
28 - Waking The Sleeper - Greed
29 - Human Infection - Embrace Perfection
30 - Sun Descends Alone - Ardent Hearts

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Super huge thanks to the 14,217 metal maniacs from around the world that joined us for the live broadcast of the show Friday night!


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Release Date: October 27, 2023 

Location: Maryland, USA

FFO: Cobra Whip, The Obsessed, Sixty Watt Shaman

We are thrilled to announce that Maryland titans, Bloodshot, are back with their highly anticipated second album. Comprised of former members from Earthride and War Injun, including J.B. Matson from Maryland Doom Fest, Bloodshot promises to deliver a crushing blow to the sludge and doom metal scene with their heavy, intense sound that showcases their raw talent and experience. Fans have been eagerly awaiting their return, and we can't wait to see what they do next! Stay tuned for more information on what is sure to be a must-have album of the year for any stoner, doom, sludge metal fan.

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Jared Winegardner - vox
Tom Stacey - guitars
Joe Ruthvin - bass
JB Matson - drums

See them live at Maryland Doom Fest 2024!


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