Hounds Of Thyra - Legends Of Kattegat (EP) - Reviewed By heavyhardes! Thursday September 1 2022, 1:49 PM
Hounds Of Thyra - Legends Of Kattegat (EP) - Reviewed By heavyhardes!

Hounds Of Thyra - Legends Of Kattegat (EP) - Reviewed By heavyhardes ! Check it out here at this link: http://www.heavyhardes.de/review-10432.html

So now Bernard Cornwell's Uthred saga has to serve to inspire metal bands to find their name! Thyra is a character from said novel series about the struggle for England and her dogs have a healthy appetite for human flesh. This is probably how the name Hounds Of Thyra came about, behind which hides a band from Erlangen formed in 2021. The debut album Planets To Ashes, Stars To Dust is now followed by an EP titled Legends Of Kattegat, whereby Kattegat is not only a sea area between Jutland and Sweden, but also the name of a fictional city in the TV series Vikings. If you then add up the Viking ship on the cover, one and one can be added together: Viking fans are at work here and probably deliver another Viking metal album somewhere between melodic death, black and folk metal...

How much you can be mistaken! Hounds Of Thyra move stylistically on completely different paths. What mastermind Jiri Borek delivers with his two guest singers Tomas Baptista and Eric Castiglia in these four new songs can probably best be described as atmospheric, partly progressive dark rock or folk rock, which repeatedly changes along the border to metallic realms. In doing so, we come across haunting vocal passages and really beautiful, folky string melodies that actually take the listener back to bygone or fictitious times. Comparisons with Metallica or Paradise Lost, which are mentioned in the press release, can basically only shake your head. The sound of Hounds Of Thyra has nothing to do with both bands! Instead, the first thing that came to mind was the last and rock-heavy album of Secrets Of The Moon when it comes to the atmospheric effect of the songs. But this comparison is also lagging. Hence the tip: just visit the band on the Internet and get an impression for yourself. The dogs of Thyra are by no means as snappy as one initially suspected. On the contrary! Once you have sniffed yourself, you hope for a reunion soon! - heavyhardes

Release Date: April 28, 2022

FFO: Metallica, Katatonia, Paradise Lost

Location: Erlangen, Germany

Label:  Turtle Records (www.turtle-records.de)

Short Bio: Jiri Borek, born in 1980 in the east of Czech Republic, currently living in Erlangen, Germany. Jiri, the songwriter and lyricist formed a group called Hounds of Thyra at the end of 2021. A grey boring winter, no live shows and the pandemic forced him to call a couple friends to help writing a debut album called "Planets to ashes, stars to dust". Later on, followed by an EP called "Legends of Kattegat". Nine songs have been released under the label of Turtle Records (www.turtle-records.de). The music went public on many streaming services at the end of March 2022. On April the 3rd an EP called "Legends of Kattegat" containing 4 songs was released. Tomas Baptista and Eric Castiglia have been invited as the singers.

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