Wasted - The Haunted House - Reviewed by All Around Metal! Thursday June 2 2022, 1:14 PM
 Wasted - The Haunted House - Reviewed by All Around Metal!

 Wasted - The Haunted House - Reviewed by All Around Metal ! Check it out here at this link: https://www.allaroundmetal.com/component/content/article/26-releases/9482-wasted-terremoto-danese

The land of Hamlet and the Little Mermaid has always made its massive contribution to the noble cause of heavy metal. Just think of the Artillery, His Majesty King Diamond and related Mercyful Fate to realize this easily. Wasted to most will not say much in the first place; yet they play and devastate since 1981, albeit with not so much luck. Formed around the Danish capital, they have reached their fourth full-length, which - I guarantee - pounds a lot! And yet, they had started off on a good start, forging demo tapes as if there were no tomorrow and arriving at the debut album "Halloween... the Night Of" in 1984, followed closely by yet another demo: then, oblivion until 2003, when they break the long silence with "Final Convulsion". To follow, another creative (or realization) lethargy of sixteen years; in 2019 "Elecrified" is released, followed, this year, by this "The Haunted House": as written before, a release that beats not a little. Personally, they remind me a lot of the always underrated Annihilator, even without having the same brilliant schizophrenia as the Canadians. However, already the opening and title-track suggests that it will be a great pogare, on the wave of a captivating riff, albeit sick at the right point, as befits where you venture into visiting a house infested with evil creatures and sinister entities, which suddenly leap out between the grooves of the ten pieces that represent ten merciless blows! Valuable the initial arpeggio of "Candy Cane", also potentially composed by Jeff Waters, crazy undisputed leader of the band mentioned above. Of great impact "Metal Snack", with a powerful four strings in the foreground. "Metallicheggiante" instead of and intriguing "Wasted Attack", a real frontal attack worthy of a mega-truck launched on the highway against the sense. The solos are rather well cared for and varied, well grafted into the wall of sound generated by the band (see "The King" with a lot of bizarre interlude followed by a sudden change of tempo), thanks to a granite and ultra-precise rhythm section. If I really have to find a weak point, the vocalizations of "Throath" resonate a little monochord and not very suitable for the context, but so much so: here the headbanging starts immediately and without requisites, and that's it! - All Around Metal

Release Date: March 25, 2022

FFO: Martyr, King Diamond, Eternal Champion

Location: Denmark

“The Haunted House” is the fourth album release from the Danish old school heavy metal band Wasted - probably the oldest heavy metal band in the Kingdom of Denmark since 1981.
With this new powerful and energetic ten track heavy metal release, “The Haunted House”, Wasted has been aiming for more sound, greater depth and many more details to the writing of the songs to compliment the horror stories and dark lyrics which defines this album release. The last track on the album “The King” is, however, from 1984 and has now been turned into an extended version with a whole lot of Denmark´s finest and prettiest lead guitar players showing off their “skills that kills”, bringing this song into the new Millennium in the most virtuosic way. It is obvious that the present line-up is by far the strongest and most powerful in the long history of the band, and with the release of “The Haunted House” Wasted are claiming their position as one of the currently hardest rocking bands in Denmark! 

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1. The Haunted House 
2. Mr. Black
3. Watch Out
4. Nailed To The Cross
5. Coffin Maker
6. Metal Snack
7. Resurrection
8. Candy Cane 
9. Wasted Attack
10. The King


M. Sonne – Vocal
Thomas Pede - Guitar
Jimi Hansen - Guitar
Alex Mars - Drums
C. Jepsen - Bass

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