DECONSECRATION / REBURIED Split - Reviewed By Metal Digest! Sunday August 29 2021, 12:49 PM
DECONSECRATION / REBURIED Split - Reviewed By Metal Digest!

DECONSECRATION / REBURIED Split - Reviewed By Metal Digest ! Check it out here at this link:

Two bands from Seattle. Both are steeped in Old School Death Metal. If you went back to DM’s earliest days, this would be the soundtrack for that journey. Deep and dark, riddled with the sound of the underworld’s filth, both bands take the listener on a horrid trek through the darkest realms.  

Deconsecration begins with “Priestess of the Void,” an outstanding track incorporating multiple tempos, manic guitar work, and ungodly vocals that swell up to the surface. Zach’s vocal delivery is a bit low in the mix, part voice, part instrument, all menacing, and effective. Another standout is “Shortness of Breath,” complete with a tongue-in-cheek PSA about death, showing DM has a (morbid) sense of humor. This, like Deconsecration’s other three tracks, showcase the band’s outstanding musicianship.

Re-Buried is a bit more frenzied. Insane tempos, frenetic drumming, and buzzsaw guitars that almost seem out of control all combine for a wildly satisfying experience. Multi-textured and multi-layered, Re-Buried’s approach is off the rails, its wall of sound has solid complexity. This is especially true on “Hypocrisy Incarnate.” Its constant barrage of tremolo guitar, odd counter melodies, and glottal accentuated vocals make this track worthy of multiple spins.  

Collectively, these bands wear you down, yet leave you clamouring for more. Two up and comers with talent and reverence for the Old School ways.  Two bands to watch…or perhaps to fear. You be the judge. - Metal Digest


Out from the dark sewers of Seattle, Washington, enter a procession of Death Metal might courtesy of both Deconsecration and Re-Buried, a split venture that shall pulverize the soul and bones of every bloodthirsty maniac.

Deconsecration creeps from the infernal pits and lead the way with four slabs of (im)pure Death Metal potency, genuine sonic torment through utter grave vociferations and supreme dense riffs, whether in fast outbreaks of obscure aggression or slower and mid-tempo gashes of morbidity in the good tradition of the beasts from the dark past.

With Re-Buried, matters bifurcate into a further Brutal spectrum yet thoroughly maintaining the virulent stench and macabre aura. Carved in bashing blastbeats and striking riffs, the group’s fierceness and savagery display equal thrust on slower sections where the ominous distortion and gloomy roars portray an atmosphere of distress and creeping terror. With sheer dynamism, Re-Buried injects variation and enough hooks, effectively upholding the momentum without ever sounding repetitive or dull.

This release is a must have for fans of GRAVE, early DEATH, BOLT THROWER, FUNEBRARUM...

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