Crystal Faith pays tribute to Dio in new single release Sunday August 1 2021, 10:27 AM
Crystal Faith pays tribute to Dio in new single release

After months of silence, Canada's Heavy Philosophers Crystal Faith return with a grand offering to the Metal Gods as they release their new single, “Rainbow In The Dark”.  A huge hit for heavy metal band Dio in 1983, it was a top 20 hit on Bilboard's Album Rock Tracks that year and became a staple of every live performance by singer Ronnie James Dio until he joined, in heaven, the pantheon of heavy metal gods in 2010.  Crystal Faith originaly planned to record and release the song in the spring of 2020, following their april outing of “We Are Hope”, but it was not to be.  As they mentionned in their incredibly entertaining May 2021 announcement on the band's YouTube channel - 

, they have been working for most of this year on their upcoming first full album (they released a mini-album in December 2019 intitled “Welcome Back”) and decided to release a single before the month of September, period when said album is expected to be completed and available. 

The band delivers an excellent rendition of the classic “Rainbow In The Dark”, complete with an air-siren, power-vocal performance, a metal-shredding, finger-ripping guitar solo and a dependable, heavy and steadfast bass, all rendered masterfully under the direction of producer and band leader, Erik Simard.  Although the lyrics of the song lean more on the dark side, Crystal Faith's Simard used the image of the title as a metaphor for bringing brightness in dark times, as the final words from his interview of the May 2021 announcement revealed; it then became the inspiration for the narrative's direction of the video, under the direction of lead singer Patrice Lord.  As the song pays tribute to its 80s heavy metal roots, it is accompanied by a light-hearted video titled “Be A Rainbow In The Dark”, where a colorful angel delivers to the confined, black-and-white, band members their instruments, bringing colour and creativity into their lives, which ends up being the song we are listening to.  The video features upcoming hip-hop artist Tha Lord as the beautiful angel, all dressed in white with a bandana around his head for his halo.  So Crystal Faith hopes to inspire everyone to be a rainbow in the dark to those in need and enjoy their latest offering “Rainbow In The Dark”.

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