DARK REDEEMER - INTO THE DEEP BLACK - Reviewed By Metal Digest! Wednesday January 19 2022, 11:07 AM

DARK REDEEMER - INTO THE DEEP BLACK - Reviewed By Metal Digest ! Check it out here at this link: https://metal-digest.com/2022/01/19/dark-redeemer-into-the-deep-black/

      Bands come and bands go, it seems to be the endless cycle that groups go through. Following the dissolution of Aleph in 2018, from those ashes rose Dark Redeemer as the Italian death metal band set about consolidating their sound to rise like a phoenix delivering their debut album ‘Into the Deep Black’.

                Dark Redeemer have delivered an album of professional standards, hardly surprising considering these are veterans of the scene with Aleph. The band know the sound they want and they grab the bull by the death metal horns. This sound is delivered through an old school lens, tweaked through a decent modern production which allows every instrument to clearly heard like sharp surgical steel. Tracks such as ‘Swallow the Cross’, ‘Killing Ritual’ and ‘Burn Under the Blackened Sky (Valley of Death)’ drive forward with all the old school goodness of Obituary, Morbid Angel and Autopsy hammering it out with early Entombed and Dismember as pummelling double bass drums thunder behind some chainsaw guitaring and guttural growls.

                This is not highly polished death metal that has been sanitized of life, what the listener gets here is some excellent old school death metal which never lets up and you can’t ask for more than that can you? - Metal Digest


Blasphemous Records is proud to announce DARK REDEEMER’s signing of the contract. They will join the band roster of Music for the Masses Group.

Born out of the ashes of the Bergamo (Italy)-based Death Metal band ALEPH, DARK REDEEMER will make its debut on September 24th   2021 with the full length “INTO THE DEEP BLACK”. An album with 9 old school sick, dark and violent tracks which will satisfy the fans of Obituary, Morbid Angel, Autopsy, Dismember,  early Entombed  and Celtic Frost. 

The album will be distributed by Sleaszy Music (USA), Code 7 (Europe), Wormhole Death Japan, Fans and Bands (Mexico), Egea Music (Italy) and digitally on all digital music stores. The promotion will be entrusted to Metal Devastation USA, Grand Sounds (Europe) and Mazzarella Press Office (Italy).

Into the deep black ALBUM COVER 1400x1400.jpg

DARK REDEEMER were born in the summer of 2018 out of the ashes of Aleph, a band devoted to an obscure, progressive death metal band that released four albums between 2006 and 2018. In spite of the great response, both by the fans and the press (Aleph were the Metal Hammer new Italian band of the year in 2006), and their live performances (with standings like Dismember, Necrodeath, Vision Divine and more), the four deathsters decided it was time to overturn their soundscape: the style of DARK REDEEMER was forged in the encounter of the impactful late 80s-early 90s Swedish Death Metal chainsaw-wall-of-sound of Grave, Dismember and Entombed and the mindset, the structures and the sick harmonies of the coeval U.S. scene (Obituary, Morbid Angel, Immolation), passing through the Great Founding Fathers, Celtic Frost. The outcome of it is an uncompromising, uptempo, relentless sonic assault which trasures the lessons given in the last 20-30 years in extreme metal music. And very old-school, indeed.

DARK REDEEMER leaves the listener breathless, dragging him/her into a mighty maelstrom of musical, lyrical violence and malignance. Thus, a return to the roots of the “Sound of Death”, more straightforward than ever and relieved of the progressive divagations which were pivotal in the band’s previous incarnation.

DARK REDEEMER’s debut album, “INTO THE DEEP BLACK” is scheduled for worldwide release on September, 24th by BLASPHEMOUS RECORDS. It will be distributed by: Sleazy Records (USA), Code 7 (Europe), Wormhole Death Japan, Fans and Bands (Mexico), Egea Music (Italy) and digitally on all digital music stores worldwide. The album’s promotion is entrusted to Metal Devastation USA, Grand Sounds (Europe) e Mazzarella Press Office (Italy).



Dave Battaglia – vocals, guitar
Manuel Togni – drums
Giulio Gasperini – Keyboards
Antonio Ceresoli – bass



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