HAUTAKAMMIO: new promo materials from PURITY THROUGH FIRE Saturday July 31 2021, 8:02 PM
HAUTAKAMMIO: new promo materials from PURITY THROUGH FIRE

PURITY THROUGH FIRE is proud to present HAUTAKAMMIO's long-awaited third album, Pimeyden Kosketus, on digipack CD and vinyl LP formats. The digipack version shall be released on September 30th, while the vinyl version shall follow later.

A dark-horse titan in Finland's ever-fertile black metal scene, HAUTAKAMMIO formed in 2012 as a blood pact among four prolific veterans of that land's underground. Two full-lengths followed in quick succession, in 2013 and 2014, displaying a beautiful savagery that was equal parts blistering speed and spiraling melodicism. While by no means intentionally at odds with the reigning Finnish paradigm, HAUTAKAMMIO exhibited a refreshing uniqueness within that scene whilst upholding its usually staunch standards of excellence. Their works were perhaps too overlooked, or momentum not followed up on, for the band went on hiatus following the second album.

At long last, HAUTAKAMMIO are back from the dead "after rotting away for almost five years," in the band's words, and have arrived with the iron-fisted Pimeyden Kosketus. Although seven years separates it from its predecessor, Pimeyden Kosketus proves that time has indeed been kind to HAUTAKAMMIO. With the founding core of guitarist/songwriter Grim666 (Kalmankantaja) and drummer Lima (Azaghal), the trinity is here completed by erstwhile White Death vocalist Vritrahn and his vitriolic throat, who also contributes lyrics to the record. Together, a cryogenic blast of blasphemous black metal from the dark Finnish forests is conjured, invoking nostalgic reflections of 1997. No more but definitely no less, HAUTAKAMMIO remain as uncompromising as ever, and effortlessly dole out their no-fashion, woodcutting hymns with calculating cruelty and nightsky wonder alike.

Relentless and reinvigorated, HAUTAKAMMIO have returned from the darkest past to plant the new banner of Pimeyden Kosketus!

release notes
Strings + all music composed by Grim666 (Kalmankantaja)
Drums by Lima (Azaghal)
Lyrics & vocals by  Vritrahn (White Death)


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