We are on a mission (The Sign Records News and Update July 2021) Sunday July 4 2021, 1:44 PM
We are on a mission (The Sign Records News and Update July 2021)

We are on a mission
(News/Update July 2021)
The Sign Records started out in the the second half of 2015 with a mission to have music to impact our everyday life. We wanted to give you all new exciting bands just as when we grew up in the 90´s. Music is creativity, and it’s creativity that makes all of us grow as humans. All of us really need something that excites us. If we had forgot that the pandemic year of 2020 really got us remembering how important it is! We need to feel more alive, and music, culture and new meetings keeps us alive!


The Sign Record started as a super small record company. We have worked our asses off to be able to give you fantastic and new music. We have a mission to create a scene with fantastic and new bands. We wanna find and spread that feeling of pure and honest creativity. As a label we already from the start had an idea how we wanted you to to be able to find new music. Instead of just a logo we formed three marks, or signs, to describe the music we released. Our goal was to create three formations carrying its own essence, and together rock the world. We were certain that no one would really get this for at least five years. But now in 2021 we have created a home for many bands, and you can yourself see the mark on the records. The Sign Records are so much bigger than we are. It has grown. Today it have a life of its own. We really hope you appreciate and are able to find new music that inspires you in the everyday life.


During the last couple of years a lot have happened. We are still a small company and we still need the support of all you fans, bands and customers to be able to do all these releases. We feel we have created something that will be able to keep good music alive in the future. During this last year of pandemic we have all started to once again understand how important music is for our lives. We need creativity, we need the freedom that live music brings, we need vinyl and cds. To hold and embrace your favorite albums is something that brings so much hope into life. The last year was filled with Covid, death, illness, delays, freight problems, raw material problems, unemployment, problems, chaos (in the bad way) and not meeting friends and family. It have really show us that things we have taken for granted should not be taken by granted. For the first time since I grew up I must say that we really need alternative music to have a big impact on the world. To be a culture were we meet  our friends with common interests. To thrive in culture and make life with living.  


The Sign Records have turned out to be perhaps the biggest part of our lives the last couple of years. We really hope it will be for the next couple of years. It's a fantastic journey for us and we hope you appreciate it too. If we can ask you for anything we would want you to spread the word of the label and the band. To spread the word of alternative music. We live in a time and age where there are fewer sources of media. The papers, zines, radios, and blogs that are still around is so important. The live venues is so important to get the message of the bands out there. All of these parts of our culture are an important part of the DNA of music culture. But as the world is changing and internat bring us closer together it is important that we together takes care of each other. This culture is so important for us all. We hope we all together will make this world thrive of music in the days and years to come.


During the last year we have seen a lot of changes. It’s harder to press vinyl, the delivery company have more work than they can handle. Here in Europe, not just pandemic, but also Brexit have made our lives a bit more restricted. The year have been spent rebuilding a lot of The Sign Records for the years to come after Covid. We have rebuilt ourselves in many ways. We hope that we will be able to release more music, work with more bands, spread alternative music to more people. We have a wish to create a good homepage for the label, to keep rearranging our delivery systems so you can get the physical releases faster. Secure our distribution chain. Be able to write long unimportant emails like this one, about what is happening, and how we are thinking, and reacting to things in the world. We hope to se live music affect all our lives once again. And we really hope to meet all of you on different shows across the world. Or at least get you to meet one of the many bands we are working with in your favorite local live venue. We would like to thank you all for trusting us. It means so much for us to be able to work with this and spread great culture across the world. 


We hope that we from this autumn will be able to release more and more international acts on the label. We have already during the years seen music Lizzies from Spain, Demon Head from Denmark, Lucifer Star Machine from Germany, Volcanova from Iceland, Sealand Airlines from Ukraine, Craneium from Finland. Last Friday we saw the first single from Iron Lizards from France and next Friday we will see the first single from Velvets from Finland. What started as a label working with friends from Sweden, we have slowly turned out to be an international outlet for rock, psych, stoner, and metal. Culture have no boarders. 

We are quite old school in many ways, we feel that vinyl and cd is a very important part of this culture. To listen to physical albums, reading the lyrics, watching the artwork. Each record you have in your collection is a part of a memory from life. We also feel that it's very important to understand how music is listened to and spread today. The music of our culture is not only for us that is growing older. Our culture is just as much the next generations culture. We want to make this culture to be spread to new generations. We want young people to use their creativity to explore their life. Not to walk in the same footsteps and trails that we have created during the years. Music culture is always expanding. Music opened our minds to so much ideas and feelings. We need to keep our minds open and learn from the younger generations. On how they see the culture, how they see the future of the culture. As persons behind the label we feel that physical releases are so important for us. But in first hand we feel love for the music, not the format that you choose to  listning too. We do a lot of work to have the music on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal and of course Bandcamp. Music should be listened too and loved in as many ways as possible. Everyone wanna listen to music in their own way, and we will keep trying to make that possible. 


This might be a long message, but we wanna thank you all so much, no mater if you just stream digital, is a physical customer, a live concert attended, or if you play in one of the bands we have worked with over the years. You all mean so much to us, you are a part that have made this label grow a bit more. Thanks you, and keep an eye our for the autumn news. We really believe it will be an awesome ride as the new releases of the autumn is announced and live music will return


Thanks for the first half of 2021
Have a great summer and 
enjoy music and life!

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