ALICE COOPER To Be Featured On New Arizona Lottery Ticket Thursday July 26 2018, 9:52 AM
 ALICE COOPER To Be Featured On New Arizona Lottery Ticket

The Arizona Lottery has announced that a new lottery scratcher ticket featuring Alice Cooper will be available to the public August 7.

"We are excited to join legendary musical artist Alice Cooper with this exclusive ticket," said Gregg Edgar , executive director of the Arizona Lottery .

"The Arizona Lottery is dedicated to supporting vital programs that serve people across the state and we are proud of the work Alice is doing with the Solid Rock teen center to provide incredible resources, positivity and excellence for Arizona youth," Edgar added.

Alice commented: "You know you've made it in this world when you're an answer on 'Jeopardy' , 'Wheel Of Fortune', a likeness of your head is on a PEZ dispenser, or if your face is plastered all over an Arizona Lottery ticket."

The ticket includes six top prizes of $50,000 each, with second-chance prizes that range from Cooper memorabilia to VIP tickets and pre-show party access to the legendary rocker's annual "Christmas Pudding" concert. Via blabbermouth

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