A Pretext to Human Suffering - Rotting Sanctum - Reviewed By Necromance Magazine! Wednesday March 10 2021, 5:22 AM
A Pretext to Human Suffering - Rotting Sanctum - Reviewed By Necromance Magazine!

A Pretext to Human Suffering - Rotting Sanctum - Reviewed By Necromance Magazine ! Check it out here at this link: http://necromance.eu/a-pretext-to-human-suffering-x-rotting-sanctum/

"Rotting Sanctum" is the title of the first EP of the Technical Brutal Death Metalheads A PRETEXT TO HUMAN SUFFERING . It was released on November 27, 2020 thanks to Realityfade Records, and now, a server brings you its respective review.

But before we kick off the article in question, let's go over their line up, okay? The group is made up of: Spencer Atkinson (bass), Marco Pitruzzella (drums), Beto Vipe (guitar), Wesley Van Hook (guitar), Chris Mathis (voice and guitar).

Mother of beautiful love, what a way to start a musical career. The quintet, in the approximate 18 minutes that Extended Play lasts, offers an unbeatable portion of the best radical "noise" you can imagine. The tunes are obviously convoluted, but not absurdly intricate, thus ensuring that the proposal is never lost in a sea of ​​filigree. Not content with it, and with the clear intention of gaining a further roundness, they introduce when the occasion requires it and in very good manners, touches of heavier and more mammoth Slam. In general, I find it hard to get any snags. However, and even at the risk of being picky, I have not finished understanding how the last tune sounds, as far as production is concerned, different from the rest. Really,

Perpetually thick and brainy are presented to us "axes." As I mentioned in the main paragraph, they do not abuse complicated riffs, breaking in often but not saturating. Flour from another sack are the only ones. For the love of Odin, that's nice. In the voices, prepare to be slaughtered with some unintelligible and monstrous growls, which share the limelight with anecdotal pig squeals and ragged high-pitched gutturals. Bass lovers should pay special attention to »Chain of Command / / Oppression" and "No Light Lives". I tell you nothing and I tell you everything. The percussion is a complete marvel. From here, I want to congratulate Marco Pitruzzella for his enormous work behind the drum kit. Dynamism in its purest form, gentlemen.

Well, assuming that all the songs are a cannon shot, it is impossible for me to emphasize any in particular. I can only tell you that if you need a shot of adrenaline and sonic barbarism, the launch that I have dedicated myself to commenting on during these obituaries will be perfect for you. 8.5/10 - Necromance Magazine

FFO: Ingested, Cryptopsy, The Adversary era Thy Art is Murder.

Influences: Carnivorous Voracity, Cerebral Incubation, Archspire, Defeated Sanity, Guttural Secrete.

Band Bio:
A Pretext to Human Suffering (hereafter “APTHS“) are a relatively new force for destruction in the extreme metal scene. They are an international band consisting of Chris Mathis (Defleshed and Gutted), who writes all the music and performs guitars and vocals, Lord Marco (Rings of Saturn, ex-Braindrill) on drums, Wes Van Hook (Sold Soul) on guitar, Beto Vipe (Devour the Unborn) on guitar, and Spencer Atkinson (Cryptic Enslavement) on bass. They’ve just released their RealityFade Records debut EP, "Rotting Sanctum“.
As you’ll discover through this new EP, APTHS occupy an intersection where different traditions of death metal meet. The music could be considered part slam, part brutal death metal, and part technical death metal. It metes out ferocious punishment, the kind that will get your motor running in a damned hurry, but will also give your head a swift and bewildering spin, and as icing on the cake it generates an atmosphere of ghastly horror.

EP Stream:

Chain of Command// Oppression drum play through:

Rotting Sanctum guitar play through:

Rotting Sanctum lyric video:


Offical Website: www apthscult.com


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