NEFARIOUS SPIRIT and VOID PRAYER to release split album via GOATOWAREX Saturday November 9 2019, 4:18 AM
NEFARIOUS SPIRIT and VOID PRAYER to release split album via GOATOWAREX

On December 1st internationally, Goatowarex is proud to present a special split album between Nefarious Spirit and Void Prayer on vinyl LP format.

A momentous meeting, fully utilizing the intrinsic value of a split release (compared to so much throwaway garbage otherwise characterizing most "split releases"), this six-song/34-minute communion brings together one upstart entity and one prolific force, both equally clandestine in their respective black metal magick, and featuring fully exclusive songs from both hordes. With but a demo from 2016 to their name, Nefarious Spirit are a shadowy newcomer hailing from Greece, their membership so far unknown. Regardless, they lead off this split LP with two conjurings of stout, hammering militancy, their riffing cryogenic yet paradoxically exuding a burning fire; they also prove their physicality with a live track here. With one pulsing wave after another, Nefarious Spirit altogether evoke a timeless sort of tension and terror, harkening back to black metal's far-more-secretive days. Similarly, Void Prayer have astutely and studiously explored that era of black metal - first, prolifically under the moniker of Cave Ritual from 2012-17, and more recently under their current moniker across two demos and a modern-classic album, 2017's Stillbirth From the Psychotic Void. Of course, those well versed in the modern black metal underground will recognize Void Prayer as part of Bosnia and Herzegovina's ever-vital Black Plague Circle, so their three songs here should be mandatory listening for that collective's fervent followers. And hearing their contributions here - deliriously, devilishly melodic, swirling into a sumptuous vortex of atmosphere and agony, emotion and ecstasy - it's no wonder Void Prayer have garnered attention beyond diehard circles.

Ending all life with sombre finality, Void Prayer and Nefarious Spirit will equally instill possession with this split album courtesy of the Goatowarex stronghold, fittingly executed on noble vinyl to the label's strictest, highest standards.

Ordering information can be found HERE .

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