The Metal Mag summer issue is out ! Tuesday September 1 2020, 12:00 AM
The Metal Mag summer issue is out !

Due to life issue I had to get a mag for two months. Yet people keep coming the last day.. Deadlines are everywhere, in your life, your family, your job... 

This issue got plenty of news , Rob de Luca (Spread Eagle, UFO, Sebastian Back) is talking about his busy life among his passion.

Jim Crean talks about his bands and what's coming.

Joe Amore joining Joe Stump and others. 

Eddie Sinner who is dealing with fan pages gave us interviews of French bands.

Laura Williams shared again her interviews , as Wes Jacque. 

Plenty of bands to discover or simply getting news for what's to come while the world is dealing with this decease... 

So join us to read and spread great bands accross the globe.

The Editor,

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