Until The Sky Dies’ debut, The Year Zero Blueprint Friday October 27 2017, 1:28 PM
Until The Sky Dies’ debut, The Year Zero Blueprint

UNTIL THE SKY DIES' Clint Listing describes the track's sound and place in the dystopian storyline of The Year Zero Blueprint, "Surf rock meets avant-metal...This is our Dick Dale-meets-Melvins moment. The story continues 2,500 years into mankind; the Creators lose track and forget to imprint one soul with its place in society and free will begins."

The debut from UNTIL THE SKY DIES, The Year Zero Blueprint consists of expansive and diverse songs named only by sequential Roman Numerals. The tracks brim with bold audio exploration, with many elements of a wide range of genres converging seamlessly into a dystopian concept documenting mankind's rebuilding of society after an impending collapse. The Year Zero Blueprint was recorded and engineered by Ryan Michalski at RPM Studios in Tampa Florida, and mastered by J. Stillings (Steel Hook Prostheses, Metaconqueror, Pharoid, Vermin) at Steel Hook Audio Mastering.

UNTIL THE SKY DIES is the latest project of prolific musician Clint Listing (Grizzle, Long Winters Stare, As All Die, Broken Hands For Brilliant Minds, Black Depths Grey Waves), who here supplies vocals, guitars, bass, and effects, and is joined by Ryan Michalski (Cosmic Punch) who provides all lead guitar and drums. While employing a familiar mixture of ingredients from Listing's other projects, UNTIL THE SKY DIES stands alone when considering the forward-thinking way avant-garde metal, doom metal, post hardcore, along with industrial and electronic elements are combined to form a truly unique sound.

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