ROB HALFORD Stops Show To Address 7-Year-Old Fan (Video) Sunday January 1 2023, 1:25 PM
ROB HALFORD Stops Show To Address 7-Year-Old Fan (Video)

JUDAS PRIEST frontman Rob Halford is seen by many as one of the coolest guys in metal history, and the iconic singer continues to prove why he deserves that status and then some.

During a show in Oklahoma City last month, on November 20, Halford stopped the gig to address a young fan that was in the first rows of the audience. The moment was captured on video and has since gone viral online.

The young girl caught the eye of the singer, who said: “In about ten years, you could be standing on this stage. I’ve got to pass the baton off sometime; and maybe to someone like you.”

After the girl and her dad confirmed it was their first time attending a PRIEST gig together, Rob added: “That’s beautiful, thank you so much, that’s a Sunday night Heavy Metal Blessing right there.”

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