RED MOON ARCHITECT - Return Of The Black Butterflies Wednesday April 26 2017, 8:27 PM
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RED MOON ARCHITECT - Return Of The Black Butterflies

Kouvola, a town on the Finnish mainland is often called the 'largest lighted cemetary' in Finland. So it's no wonder that Kouvola has also given birth to a Funeral Doom Metal band called Red Moon Architect.

Red Moon Architect has released their new single ”Tormented”, taken from their upcoming third album "Return of the Black Butterflies" which will be released on May 19th 2017. The album also debuts the new singer Ville Rutanen (ex-Casket).

"Return of the Black Butterflies" is definitely the best album from RMA and it sets standards to the highest level ever with it's massive soundscape and hauntingly beautiful compositions."

"The songs are diverse, dynamic and heavier than ever. The album sails through heavy waters from beginning to end and doesn't halt not even once during the 49 minutes of it's onslaught."

"If you should only listen to one album in 2017, this should be it!” -says head architect Saku Moilanen.


Saku Moilanen – Drums & Keyboard
Ville Rutanen – Vocals
Matias Moilanen – Guitar
Anni Viljanen – Vocals
Jukka Jauhiainen – Bass


Concealed Silence (Inverse 2012)
Fall (Playground Music Finland 2015)
Return of the Black Butterflies (Inverse 2017)


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