BRNO to release debut album on vinyl via Interstellar Smoke Records Wednesday February 10 2021, 5:22 AM
BRNO to release debut album on vinyl via Interstellar Smoke Records

Buenos Aires 2020;

Lucio C. Tells his idea about a song to Sergio Ch. (Los Natas), who goes back to him with another, a full album. That's how BRNO was born, with a back and forth of samples, recordings and vibes, We tranfers from studio to studio, with multritracks, mixes and masters along with the production of videos for every song of the album, done with wiked archive content from the dark pirate side of internet pages Martin Prikyl (The Prostitutes) joined in collaboration from Prague.

In a way, the pandemic shortened distances and helped shape the debut album, BRNO
The first song we had was BROKEN WINGS, which was conceived spontaneously from a one take, and lopped back and forth. Followed by WAILS, a silent, broken, rotten song
BRNO is a city, dark, questioned, subordinated
BRNO is furious light and darkness, an intimate collapse from each of its members reflected in the music and poetry.
Join the feast.

After a successful digital release, BRNO has teamed up with Polish label Interstellar Smoke Records to bring this release to vinyl format. BRNO will be available in gold and black splatter vinyl on March 5th, 2021 at:

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