Temponaut - “Meridian” - Reviewed By World Of Metal! Monday January 25 2021, 7:48 PM
Temponaut - “Meridian” - Reviewed By World Of Metal!

Temponaut - “Meridian” - Reviewed By World Of Metal ! Check it out here at this link: https://worldofmetalmag.com/wom-reviews-temponaut-slowly-building-weapons-bulb-prospects-cellar-vessel-virtual-symmetry-hybrid-spirits-gladjekallor/

Something has to be done about the labels, urgently. I know that in the face of everything that the world is going through at the moment, that this will not be one of the priorities, but this is a real plague for those who like to support them. This is because we were told that the Temponauts played metalcore and what we found is something entirely different - not even the progressive metalcore label helps to get away with it. There is indeed a progressive feeling but it comes with strong riffs and a strong organic component. It gives the feeling that we are watching a jam from the band when the vocalist missed the rehearsal - and that it was realized that he doesn't need any. It is an EP but for me it could very well be an album, the impact would be the same, although in that case we would require more themes, obviously. Addictive!

Fernando Ferreira

Band bio: Temponaut is an American band from Virginia that plays progressive metalcore music. The name Temponaut comes from the words music or time traveler. Their latest release is the Meridian EP. 

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