David LaDuke Celebrates Jimi Hendrix Tuesday September 15 2020, 12:00 AM
David LaDuke Celebrates Jimi Hendrix

Renowned BallBustin' Rock Guitarist David LaDuke

In Celebration of 50 Years of Jimi Hendrix Music!!  

In Celebration of 50 Years of Jimi Hendrix, ballbustin' guitar rocker David LaDuke relaunches his one-of-a-kind salute to the legendary Seattle-born guitarist, who passed September 18, 1970. "A Guitarist Nightmare" was recorded in the 1990s for an all-guitar tribute album to be called Electric Impulses Gone Mad. Inspiration for the album came from Hendrix "Are You Experienced" and other 1960s' groups, including the Yardbirds and Status Quo…. Though never released, David's made tracks available to supportive fans.


This Thursday evening, September 17, at 7 pm E.S.T., 4 pm P.T., on YouTube, "A Guitarist Nightmare" will go live. 6:50 minutes of Pure Guitar Mayhem !!! For now, Check out the preview clip on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUIHrpqtA-k 

"A Guitarist Nightmare" will remain live on YouTube before going back to private October 31.


David's peers have given "A Guitarist Nightmare" the thumbs up. Devil's Mirror bandleader Corey Tourigny praised, "You've made a nightmare into a beautiful experience. Great job, my friend. A very thought-provoking and inspiring piece of guitar playing." Louisville, Kentucky’s Rust N' Bones' guitarist Justin Scott Spicer says, "Freaking amazing! The tone is wild and raw!! Tons of feedback. Such Power." And Finland's most famous progressive metal guitarist Lars-Eric Mattsson calls it "A very cool Hendrix tribute."


David's interpretation of "All Along The Watchtower" is online at



David started playing guitar in 1963, after hearing his next-door neighbor and founding N.R.B.Q. guitarist Steve Ferguson jam out Lonnie Mack covers in his backyard. David formed the popular regional Rock and Soul group, Shadows of Tyme, in 1968. He and his roots/metal/rock and roll group Sinbad have released several LPs, EPs, and CDs. His album S.I.N.B.A.D. was on the California based indie label Azra International (Overkill, Liege Lord, Intruder, Jag Panzer Axemaster). His solo releases Have Rock Will Travel, Ball Bustin' Guitar Rock!, plus two live EPs: Absolutely Raw (Nothing more. Nothing less.) and Absolute Rock (In the buff.), and the CDs: Rock Hard Rocker and Rock with Balls. His unique blend of '70s' guitar rock with an Elvis Presley-influenced groove has gained him an excellent reputation in magazines and radio stations worldwide.


Also, check out David's demo video & track "Gonna Get Ya" on Bongo Boy's upcoming Howl-O-Grim Vol 2 EP in late October. "Gonna Get Ya" will be available on the forthcoming David LaDuke CD Put Up Your Dukes in 2021. That album will include demos, remastered and remixed, and unreleased songs. The Kryp II Knight compilation is

available on most digital platforms. "Fans can order it online at Bongoboyrecords.com/krypIIKnight. 

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