Journey Into Darkness - Multitudes Of Emptiness - Reviewed by Necromance Magazine! Saturday January 23 2021, 3:53 PM
Journey Into Darkness - Multitudes Of Emptiness - Reviewed by Necromance Magazine!

Journey Into Darkness - Multitudes Of Emptiness - Reviewed by Necromance Magazine ! check it out here at this link:

Under the name JOURNEY INTO DARKNESS appears the solo project of Brett Clarin, former SORROW guitarist at the beginning of the nineties. Now he brings us his new album "Multitudes Of Emptiness", joining forces with vocalist Jei Doublerice (SENSORY AMUSIA, ABIOGENESIS, DESPITE EXILE), to create an album where he mixes black and death metal, with symphonic touches and passages of dark synth.

He presents an album with two aspects, eight songs where three of them are encompassed with a dark touch based on atmospheres and synthesizers, drinking a lot of the eighties influence with cosmic and very robotic sounds, intoxicated by the instrumental, highlighting “Intergalactic Space ”and“ Desolation ”.

The other five songs display a great quality within the genre, opening with "To Be Human Is To Be Inhuman", a whole display of energetic riffs where death metal is very present, interspersed between extreme and black metal stanzas, with a great work by part of Jei in the voices giving great flexibility to the structure, just as the musical world created by Brett is brutal; a great song. “Programmed To Die”, is introduced to symphonic black metal, with a very sharp halo of vileness, creating pounding and incisive rhythms, which contrasts with “The Insignificance Of”, more majestic and addictive, at least for me, with a continuous growth and a different way of creating the verses, the vocal duality acts as a pattern at a haughty and continuous rhythm, which gives it a stately but evil touch.

"Sending Death" follows the symphonic trail, but contains a brutal central part, an imperial march from hell where the gutturals mark and the screams enhance, becoming one of my favorites on the album along with the enigmatic "Multitudes Of Emptiness", which puts the point and end in an instrumental way, uniting the two points of view encompassed by JOURNEY INTO DARKNESS , synth and symphonic black but with a touch of doom. - 7.5 - Necromance Magazine

Journey Into Darkness is the solo project of ex-guitarist Brett Clarin from the death metal band Sorrow ( Roadrunner , 1991-1993). The music is a unique style of symphonic black death metal with occasional  interludes of dark synth . The music focuses on dark and sinister melodies all while maintaining heaviness and intensity.  

The new release “Multitudes of Emptiness” has eight tracks that will leave the listener floating in the vast emptiness of space and existence where nothingness prevails. Four songs are a unique style of symphonic black death metal and three tracks are dark interludes. The final song is a hybrid of the old synth style and the new heavy guitar style, an emotional instrumental that blends heavy doomy guitars with synths and orchestral parts. The lyrics are well thought out and will help draw the listener into the intensity and emotion of the music.  
After the Roadrunner death metal purge in the mid 1990s my band, Sorrow, called it quits. Inspired by the intros and interludes on extreme metal albums, I started Journey Into Darkness in the mid 90s as an all synth solo project. After releasing just one album “Life Is a Near Death Experience” the project was put on hold for quite some time. Resurrected in 2018 guitars and vocals were added to give new dimension and depth to the music. 

The result is a sound like no other. In keeping with the motivation that gave birth to Journey Into Darkness, all instruments on “Multitudes of Emptiness” are virtual. This allows for extreme flexibility in the sound and the music.  

" I have been involved with the death and black metal scene since its inception. Between 1987-1993 I played guitar in the death metal band Sorrow (formerly Apparition) that released two records on Roadrunner.  I went on to own a CD/record store and record label (None of the Above) during the 90s. Twenty years have passed, but my passion for extreme music never waned. "

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Journey Into Darkness - Brett 

“Multitudes of Emptiness” – scheduled release 7/28/2020 

Track List:

1. Into Nothingness (Intro) - 1:29

2. To Be Human Is To Be Inhuman - 4:20

3. Programmed to Die - 4:03

4. Desolation (Interlude) - 2:24

5. The Insignificance Of - 4:03

6. Sending Death – 4:04 

7. Intergalactic Space (Interlude) – 2:50

8. Multitudes of Emptiness (Instrumental) – 4:45 

All music, lyrics, programming, mixing and mastering by Brett Clarin

Session vocals by Jei Doublerice

Cover art by Johny Prayogi

Logo by Christophe Szpajdel 




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