INHUMANE sign worldwide deal with Extreme Management Group Wednesday December 1 2021, 5:21 PM
INHUMANE sign worldwide deal with Extreme Management Group

INHUMANE sign worldwide deal with Extreme Management Group

Spawned from the momentous former namesake, MILITIA, INHUMANE brings a heavier, more disgusting punch of death/thrash onto the scene. Poised to make an impact out of the gate, INHUMANE has inked a worldwide deal with Extreme Management Group.  The band says, "After what has been such a long year of no gigging and restrictions... We're pleased to finally announce that we're now signed to EMG and are keen to be working with the team to take this to the next level! We've got lots planned for the future and brutal thrash to deliver!"

Thrash, Death metal and even Hardcore, INHUMANE create their very own concoction of blood churning  music with lyrical content tackling dark and tragic events happening around  the globe, and the unstable state of the world in the 21st Century.   Under their former namesake MILITIA, the band previously toured with Helgrind and were announced unsigned band of the year by Metal Times as well as positive reviews by Kragen Lum (HEATHEN/PROTOTYPE/EXODUS- Live) and Claudeous Creamer (POSSESSED).  Moving forward from MILITIA’s use of classic,  crowd-pleasing heavy metal themes, INHUMANE embrace catchy hooks Fans of Death metal will love; ballsy gutturals, and attacking thrash.   

A key distinction in this transformation from MILITIA is their image is that INHUMANE present themselves with current vitality and relevancy, as opposed to ‘throwback’ or embeddedness in nostalgia.  In addition to this, they do not pigeonhole themselves into tiny subgenres that  would limit their reach, potential, and musical content. INHUMANE aims to  produce music that moves people and gets people going, creating energy and  excitement. What separates INHUMANE from the rest is the lyrical content that each song tackles current issues on its own, such as world’s political leaders who lack the responsibility for their heinous acts. 

Extreme Management Group representative Mark Kloeppel said, “We are starting this from the ground floor, and are poised to do everything correct from the start. We see great potential with these guys.” Combining each of their inspirations, INHUMANE have and will continue to  create a distinct sound that will be known and remembered by everyone,  regardless of genre preference.


Guitar/Vocals - Joe Milbourn 

Bass guitar/Backing vocals – Edgar Langley  

Lead guitar/Backing vocals – Alfred Gubby 


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