New Promo: Mons Ignifer - Infra-Nocturnal Darkness - (Heavy Metal) Friday January 1 2021, 6:22 PM
New Promo: Mons Ignifer - Infra-Nocturnal Darkness - (Heavy Metal)

Infra-Nocturnal Darkness 

Infra-Nocturnal Darkness (digital single out 1st of January 2021) 

Inspired by the novelist Haruki Murakami's scenes in the novel "Hardboiled Wonderland and The End Of The World". Where the Infra-Nocturnal Kappa's are hiding in the shadows. Basically these lyrics are also sort of about surviving as a couple of others on the new "ONKALO" album (to be released January 30th) but the main theme is more of a horror-like fantasy. 

The guitar-leads on Infra-Nocturnal Darkness are at the same time a bit thrashy with a twist of melodic death metal, yet the basics of the tune are on a groovy ensemble. The tune got its final form during 2019, after having some hard time putting the parts together.

"Onkalo" is the hole in the ground or a hole in a soul. "Onkalo" is the darkness that fills, and the loneliness that kills... "Onkalo" means frustration and pain, yet hope and acceptance of weakness, that after all keeps the soul
quiet and sane. "Onkalo" is the home of existance - echoes of something distant but familiar.

Mons Ignifer is

Guitar/Vocals - Lizky
Drums - Bizze
Bass - Mr. Burns

Mons Ignifer's "Onkalo" is an album that is a mixture of traditional metal and post-metal with thrashy, groovy and atmospheric elements. Mons Ignifer represents itself more or less as a modern day crossover-metal band. An alternative choice to anything too familiar. Dramatic, melodic and dark, yet a bit aggressive. "Onkalo" is an album where a hint of Black Sabbath and Black Metal meets fluently as piece of a musical experience, among other elements. The album length, almost 40 minutes is a proovement that abstract metal can still be alive in 2021.

Mons Ignifer's debut album "Onkalo" will be released in the beginning of 2021.

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