GRAVEDÄNCER set release date for HELLDPROD debut demo, reveal first track Friday December 25 2020, 2:05 PM
GRAVEDÄNCER set release date for HELLDPROD debut demo, reveal first track

Today, Helldprod Records sets January 29th the international release date for GRAVEDÄNCER's debut demo, Ripping Metal, on cassette tape format.

A lot has been said and done concerning South American extreme music history mainly the Brazilian one but regardless of what our expectations are the truth keeps delivering us more outstanding metal as fuck pearls. It’s hard enough to resist such goods, really!

Another diabolic joint venture was forged for you all. The hellish doors are about to open and reveal you GRAVEDÄNCER's first demo “Ripping Metal” as a splendid ride into the realms of heavy metal glory hall of fame. Created by Armando Exekutör from the infamous Flageladör and assisted by Bitch Hünter drumming skills from the mighty Tyranno, “Ripping Metal” travels around our most primitive metallic universal memories.

Its raw approach gathers the N.W.O.B.H.M. feeling like if you were listening to Venom and Judas Priest in a single matched formula. Undoubtedly it’s a classical heavy black metal debut with enough thrashing harshness ready to speed your horns in flames.

It's all about metal and in this case its long time resistence!
"Ripping Metal" will be available on cassette limited to 80 copies through Helldprod Records in 29th January 2021

In the meantime, hear the new track “Ripping Metal” at Helldprod Records' Soundcloud  HERE .

Tracklisting and Cover are as follows:

Tracklisting for Gravedäncer's Ripping Metal
01 Black Winds Of Doom /2:42/
02 Magic Circle /2:42/
03 Ripping Metal /3:18/
04 Evil Spell /3:16/
05 Welcome To Hell Venom /4:04/


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