New Music: Krushhammer Speed Blacking Hell Helldprod Records Release: 30 November 2020 Sunday October 18 2020, 1:27 PM
New Music: Krushhammer Speed Blacking Hell Helldprod Records Release: 30 November 2020

Here we go again! This time to Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil. What else could you expect?
We keep on mining on this fruitful region of the globe since we are always eager to be swallowed by its metal history and underground tradition. If you don't know what we're talking about please do us a favor. Go find it for yourself because it's pointless to say more!
We also know when you launch a new name in the scene nowadays is a challenging and courageous thing to do but hear us carefully in the case of KRUSHHAMMER they have built their own reputation by their own metal fists.
Unleashing inferno since 2016, they only needed 50 copies and some online exposure to push their music unto the maniac metal worshipers hears with no mercy. These actual five horseman play hard speeding black metal, so expect that old plain mid-tempo crushing heavy dirtiness with some furious moments in the tradition of bands like Bathory, Toxic Holocaust, Aura Noir and Cruel Force.
Their first Ep named "Speed Blacking Hell" is a refined metal lesson following the ancient manners and leaving no space for modernity’s; That's what we aim in our roster and that's why we command you to thrash to KRUSHHAMMER’s impious tunes in the name of the horned one.
Oh and don’t forget to cool yourself with a nice cold beer whilst this raging evil whiplash smokes the air!

"Speed Blacking Hell" will be available on tape soon through Helldprod Records.

Release Date: November 30, 2020
Cat Nº #: HDP079
Format: Cassette
Limitation: 80 Copies
Genre: Black Thrash Metal

Marcel Krusher - Vocals
Nekrolucifer - Guitars
Sabnock - Guitars
Alberth Germânio -Bass
Hellish - Drums

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