No Anesthesia by WITCHTRAP Wednesday April 5 2017, 7:39 PM
No Anesthesia by WITCHTRAP

HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present again WITCHTRAP's No Anethesia on vinyl LP. Originally released in 2007 by HELLS HEADBANGERS on CD, LP, and picture-LP formats, No Anesthesia both began WITCHTRAP's relationship with the label and soon became a fan favorite. Although still firmly within the blackthrash idiom whose resurgence they helped contribute, No Anesthesia saw the Colombian power-trio emphasize the traditional heavy metal aspects of their usually frantic 'n' furious sound. What results is a push-and-pull between merciless mania and headbanging heaven - but of course, no matter what the attack, with EVIL always at the forefront. And compared to their cult Sorceress Bitch debut, on No Anesthesia, WITCHTRAP upped the production values most respectably. So don't be a wimp - choose to go with No Anesthesia!

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