My Top 10 Doom Metal Albums Saturday June 22 2019, 4:40 PM
My Top 10 Doom Metal Albums

#top10 #doommetal #albums My top 10 Doom Metal Albums Alright ladies and gentleman of youtube how are you all doing Its june 20th/2019. I hope your all having an excellent day! Tonight I Am back with my top 10 doom metal albums!

#10 St Vitus Self titled Doom metal pioneers Saint Vitus released their self-titled debut in 1984, and this album is considered one of the very first true doom metal releases.

#9-Sunn 00Void I have a tendency to discover bands in the strangest ways. The path through which I discovered Sunn O))), however, may be the strangest of all. In a webcomic I read on a daily basis, in the past year there was a story arc in which the main character was wearing a shirt adorned with the logo "Sunn :)", which according to the author was incredibly ironic because it represented the exact opposite of Sunn O)))'s music. Intrigued, I investigated. Turns out the guy was absolutely right. On one end of the happiness spectrum is the smiley face emoticon, and directly on the other end is this album.

#8-Bell Witch-Longing Funeral doom, despite all the connotations the name carries, can be an interesting exercise in experimentation in heavy metal. Longing, in particular, stands in opposition of many of the traditional characteristics of a metal album. Whereas many bands are interested in pummeling the listener with a barrage of menacing riffs, on this album, Bell Witch works from the opposite end of the spectrum. What if a band was to release an album that contained as many riffs as one thrash metal single, and focused more on the empty space in the music than anything else? This is what you'd get.

#7-Nortt-Graven There are very few albums that I’ve heard in my time that make me crave for more of the same; that beg me to press the ‘repeat’ button. Nortt’s Graven (the 1999 version) is one of those. Despite its brief length (less than 30 minutes of music) this is one of the most stunning and mesmerizing releases I’ve heard in quite some time.

#6-Abyssmal Sorrow-Lament Funeral doom is one of those musical styles in metal which I wasn't to familiar with about one year ago. But since a revelation called Nortt, I haven't been able to stop myself from the eager to check out new bands within the genre. I went searching for its musical history and its founders and not once I have regretted this.

#5-Dictator The Pain Sessions It's such a shame only eight releases exist of this surprisingly clear, crisp sounding recording. The first and fourth tracks are the intro and outro tracks, and consist of soft ambient soundscapes played alongside the forefront piano work. There is little to say here except it sets the mood of this release extremely well, and the outro track ties up the general motif in essence.

#4-Nortt- Ligfared Nortt had laid the groundwork for the horrifying combination of depressive black metal and funeral doom with their first full length, Gudsforladt, in 2003. Fans of Nortt's previous work will not be dissapointed with Ligfærd, as it adheres to the same basic structure as his previous work, but with a few changes, mostly dealing with production quality.

#3-Sunn-Black One Sunn O))) isn't one of those bands you just decide to throw on during an iron pumping session at the gym or even something to listen to while doing simple tasks like yard work. Well, perhaps washing dishes or something... but even that might require something a bit more involved or, for lack of a better word, entertaining.

#2-Dictator-Dysangelist Dictator are a solo project from Cyprus that plays a mixture of depressive black, funeral doom metal and dark ambient and this is a review of his 2008 album "Dysangelist" which will be re-issued in 2019 by Aesthetic Death.

#1-Black Bile Cloacal Meditation "Come hither Brother, take your place, gnaw on thy flesh, let thy mind sink in His sacred filth..." Brutal, eh? With any other band, such romance would be viewed as comical. But Black Bile ensnares you, convinces you of their conviction and earnestness, allowing things that might appear comical in first light to take on a dramatic candor that is so woefully forgotten these days.

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