My Top 10 Traditional Metal Albums Saturday June 22 2019, 4:15 PM
My Top 10 Traditional Metal Albums

#top10 #traditionalmetal #albums My Top 10 Traditional metal albums Alright what is up ladies and gentleman of youtube? I hope you are having an excellent friday June 14/2019! The underground metal gamer is back with another video! before we get into this video i want to invite you to go follow me on all social media. Chrispeeters870 on twitter and chrispeeters8705 on instagram. You can follow me on twitch at Please make sure you hit that subscribe button down below and turn on that bell for all notifications i would greatly appreciate it. If you want to check out the patreon page go to It is completely optional but you are going to get exclusive content and perks for your support. Speaking of exclusive content make sure you tune into my weekly podcast "THE SEED" New episodes are uploaded every sunday night and are exclusive to patrons. This sunday... The seed Ep#5-The history of Slipknot part 5, im going to be discussing the 2nd Slipknot Hiatus as well as The All Hope Is gone era of Slipknot... So make sure you guys tune into that. Thank you very much to all of you fine people for your patronage and support as well as to all of my subscribers and viewers i really appreciate it. Alright so todays video is My Top 10 heavy metal albums.. yes this one is finally coming to you guys, This was quite the difficult video to make simply because I couldn't decide on a top 10 traditional metal albums list, So i sat down and really thought about this list alot and I finally came up with a top 10 heavy metal albums list and i think my list is pretty damned good. Now like all top 10s the comment section is bound to be littered with comments like "what about this band, or what about that album" I urge you to stop expecting everyone to like the same bands you do. 

#10-Girlschool-Hit And Run

#9-Angel Witch-Self Titled

#8-Judas Priest-Stained Class

#7-Diamond Head-Lightning to the Nations

#6-Satan-Suspended Sentence

#5-Witchfinder General-Death Penalty

#4-Iron Maiden-The Number Of The beast


#2-Black Sabbath-Master Of Reality

#1-Black Sabbath-Self Titled

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