Slipknot-Left Behind-Reaction/Review Saturday June 22 2019, 4:36 PM
Slipknot-Left Behind-Reaction/Review

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#slipknot #reaction #leftbehind #review Slipknot Left Behind Reaction/Review Alright so what is up ladies and gentleman of youtube? I hope you are having an excellent Thursday June 19/2019! The underground metal gamer is back.... With part 26 of the slipknot siccness but before we get into this i Want to invite you to follow me on all social media.. Follow me on twitter @chrispeeters870 on instagram chrispeeters8705. Check me out on twitch at

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I want to say thank you very much to all patrons and subscribers of course!! Alright, So tonight.... The slipknot siccness part 27.... With Left Behind off of the 2001 sophmore Slipknot album IOWA. Alright so like every other slipknot song... this one does have a backstory as well... During the IOWA album, as you all may or may not know. I was working 2 jobs and going to university...this was a stressful time, not only with obligatory responsiblities but i was also drinking alot, smoking alot of drugs and just wasnt an overall happy person. Certain relationships with friends, family and a girlfriend at the time were in turmoil.

I felt completely hopeless and just fucking hated life. So many things were bothering me at the time, I was also hanging around people who were not very productive and overall miserable people. I was doing my best to balance university, work and my personal life and their were people around making it quite difficult to do these things. I felt trapped. I didn't like the courses I was studying in university and the constant partying had me so burnt out that i was behind on critical assignments and my job at the time was also suffering. I was mentally and physically exhausted. During this time I was constantly searching my life for answers. I felt purposeless and even though i was working and going to school, i was not fulfilled.

I was becoming increasingly angrier and angrier all the time. Of course i had SOME good friends around who were supportive and stuff. Playing PC games, smoking weed, drinking buddies that kind of shit. Slipknot was always playing in my house too. Certain people wondered why I was into such dark music at the time and some of them really didn't get it. Of course i didn't care because i tried to explain to them that i was sick and tired of the mediocrity my life had become and that i really wanted to do something about it. I remember one night a bunch of us got together to do some psilocybin mushrooms.. perhaps not the best idea, but i thought "hey what the hell" so we took the shrooms... sat around for a while and I remember beginning to peak just as Gently came on..Now granted some of you might think "hey your an asshole for doing this" But i looked around at everyone and said "you guys need to leave" Puzzled they kind of looked at me and said "Dude we were supposed to trip here tonight" "I said yeah well, im peaking and I want to be alone, now leave please, im not asking you guys again" so after some words were exchanged they left.. During this time i had gently paused... so i went back inside and turned the track back on... Settled back into my couch and began to let the music take me wherever it was going to take me.. ... ... ... ... ... ...

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