My Entire Metal Collection Live! Saturday June 22 2019, 4:19 PM
My Entire Metal Collection Live!

Support the stream: what is up ladies and gentleman of youtube, the underground metal gamer... back with another livestream! So it has come to my attention from a few "goons" that apparently just because i love Slipknot and Possessed that i don't know underground black metal bands like "Abjection" well first of all Abjection in my opinion are garbage, Secondly guys this person has been benched so please do not waste your energy defending me or yourselves to trolls! Any content creator, entrepreneur, business owner, author,etc is going to create enemies simply because they want more out of life than the average person! I appreciate all of the support, but trust me when i say that this livestream is going to shut them all up. This is not a channel that tolerates bullshit. If you act like a prick you get benched immediately. I don't have to take it, my fans dont have to take it. This is a community of like minded people. Also if you hate slipknot and or possessed? great, then stay the hell off of this channel! No one needs your negativity!

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