The Seed EP#4-The History Of Slipknot PT.4 Saturday June 22 2019, 4:05 PM
The Seed EP#4-The History Of Slipknot PT.4

Alright so what is up ladies and gentleman.. I hope you are all having an excellent June 9/2019! The underground metal gamer is back with another podcast. Welcome to THE SEED EP#4 and tonight I am covering the history of Slipknot part 4 for you guys. But before we do that I want to get you guys to follow me on all social media. You can follow me on twitter @chrispeeters870. on instagram chrispeeters8705. You can also check me out and follow me on Twitch. Go to

Check me out on youtube, The underground metal gamer and please subscribe and turn on all notifications i would greatly appreciate it! So welcome patrons to another podcast once again right here on THE SEED. I sincerly hope you have enjoyed all of the content i have put together for you guys so far. So im going to begin tonight by talking about Slipknot's first hiatus and the aftermath of the IOWA album. Guys this record almost fucking killed them and it was definitely hard to imagine them continuing on after spending 4 years together CONSTANTLY. not to mention all of the factors that i talked about in EP#3's podcast and what made IOWA such an excrutiating record cycle and would ultimately end up almost killing them and almost tore the band apart. As Slipknot gathered in 2003 to begin work on what would be their third album Titled Vol.3 The Subliminal verses they were surrounded by speculation as to whether they had a future and I was very concerned about the band at this point. Corey and jim were doing STONE SOUR.

Clown was doing a psychedelic rock band called TO MY SURPRISE. Sid was doing his thing with DJ STARSCREAM which by the way is absolutely fucking incredible! Internal tensions had increased following the arrival of 2001’s Iowa, to the point that, when the nine members settled in the 10-bedroom Mansion studio in Los Angeles, they were barely talking to each other, and they still had so much animosity towards one another. Now, granted they were all still very fucking young during this period, it is understandable that the members of slipknot were in this kind of "Immature im right your wrong, fuck you asshole" mentality.

One thing we have to consider as maggots is the fact that none of this had to happen in the first place. We also have to consider the reality of what fame and success can do to people who arent mentally prepared to deal with it. What I mean by this is if people arent mentally prepared to attract and deal with that kind of prosperity and success the chances of them utilizing that success and fame constructively are very slim. The simple fact of the matter is that Slipknot were still in that mindset of "We don't know if we are going to make it" So one can see that the success and fame got to their heads because of the ill equipped minds of these 9 young men at the time. Makes sense right? Slipknot were still awe struck by their record deal and current stardom and I seriously do not think they could handle it!

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