The Seed Ep#3 The History Of Slipknot Part 3 Tuesday June 4 2019, 2:57 PM
The Seed Ep#3 The History Of Slipknot Part 3

What is up ladies and gentleman. I hope your having an excellent weekend. it is June 2nd 2019 and i want to welcome you to The podcast! The Seed Ep#3 The history of Slipknot part 3. But before we begin man I wanna get you to follow me on all social media..@chrispeeters870 on twitter. Chrispeeters8705 on instagram. You can follow me on twitch at Make sure you also check out my youtube channel The underground metal gamer. Please hit that subscribe button down below and turn on all notifications! Alright so, The history of slipknot part 3 coming at you guys and i wanna first of all thank you very much for being a patron and supporting this podcast it really means the fuckin world to me! In this one guys I am going to be covering One of the darkest periods for Slipknot... The Iowa album cycle, and this was an extremely dark, despondent, depressing crazy fucking time for the band. They literally had just finished touring the self titled album and a couple of weeks later they got a call from roadrunner and were asked "So when are you guys going to be working on the next album"? So not even 1 month after they finished the ST album tour they had to go back into the studio once again to record their anticipated Sophmore effort "IOWA". Their agent came up to them and uttered stupidity like "hey if you guys make an album full of wait and bleeds your going to make it big" Well, do you think thats what slipknot wanted? I mean fuck, did these record label fuckwads even listen to the first record? did they have any fucking clue what slipknot were all about? my guess as a maggot is no, they sure as fuck don't. I guess these record label pussies want bands to go soft so that they can continue to line their fucking pockets. Well, the world sure as hell was in for a fucking ride with 'IOWA' ill tell you that. The sunshine from the first album was totally gone, and it was a total eclipse for a very fucking long time for the 9. This was an album that would completely redefine them from top to bottom. After a two-year tour in support of their Roadrunner debut, Slipknot headed right back into the studio with Ross Robinson to record their eagerly anticipated follow-up record. Immediately, tempers flared. Fortunately, the band members were able to channel their animosity into their music, creating their most extreme album yet. Songs like "Disasterpiece," "People = Shit," and "The Heretic Anthem" draw far more from death metal's scathing currency than nu-metal's trendy angst. Closing title track, meanwhile, attacks from another direction: a dark, psychedelic number filled with serial-killer dialogue, droning beats, unnerving gasps, screams, and things that go bump in the night, it puts the creepy meter into the red. Below, the major players behind Iowa look back on the album that, according to Slipknot's Shawn "Clown" Crahan, nearly killed them all.

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