Interview with Possessed part 3 Friday May 31 2019, 12:19 PM
Interview with Possessed part 3

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Interview with POSSESSED part 3 #interview #possessed Good evening ladies and gentleman of youtube, i hope you are all having a great night! The Underground Metal Gamer is Back with another video! And tonight I have the the godfathers of Death metal POSSESSED!! How are you guys doing tonight man?

First of all I want to thank you both very much for being here with us tonight, Jeff and Daniel i know your excited to be back, Lets also welcome Robert, Claudeos And Emilio! welcome guys! and thank you all for being here tonight! Alright so we are going to jump right into it here guys are you ready?

#1-How did you guys all meet and how did you meet jeff? 

#2-When you created possessed did you ever think you were going create this Genre called death metal?

#3-your album REVELATIONS OF OBLIVION is getting ready to be released there's been alot of buzz around the album. Are you guys excited?

#4-You have a new album coming out and a chance to see old friends again on tour. how does this make you feel giving your fans new material after so many years?

#5-we know you're good friends with Kirk Hammett can you tell us a little bit about how you met and we know there was some talk about him telling you all you should be on a label together can you go into a little bit of detail on this?

#6-After you guys joined possessed what changed in your personal life, and music style?

#7-Daniel we know that you were in 2 groups before? could you tell us some of the differences between the music that you were doing With Gruesome and create a kill and with possessed?

#8-Emilio you joined Possessed in 2007 what different techniques did you bring to POSSESSED that were different from your other groups and How challenging was it to learn all of the old music of POSSESSED and do you feel that you have gotten better as a drummer since joining POSSESSED?

#9-Jeff what was it like growing up in the 80s when metallica opened the doors for metal, you knew the guys in exodus, you knew kirk hammett, so what was it like being able to hang out with these guys after school and being so close with them?

#10-Robert What is it like being a graphical artist, Bassist, vocalist and being involved in all these great bands, and which band has been your favorite to play with so far?

#11-Robert can you break down your rig set up for us, and what made you choose the equipment your using can you tell is if you have any special features set up on your bass, Cliff burton used a guitar pick up do you use one as well?

#12-What were you guys all doing before you got into music?

#13-Emilio You and Robert were in Engrave together what was it like playing together before you guys Joined POSSESSED?

#14-Claudeous what has it been like playing with Seraph,Serpent,Dragon Lord and what are the differences between the 2 bands and your playing style with POSSESSED?

#15-I know jeff has a family, do the rest have as families as well?

#16-What types of movies do you guys all like?

#17-We know jeff and daniel like video games, Are the rest of you gamers as well?

#18-What is it like being on the road and away from your families for so long at a time?

#19-Who are all of your musical influences?

#20-who are the majority of the the songwriters for the music which to get together and come up with the riffs? Alright guys now we can just shoot the shit for a while, what do you guys want to talk about and is there anything you want to ask me? Alright everyone well i want to thank POSSESSED for being here tonight for yet another successful TUMG/POSSESSED production and did you guys have fun tonight and do you wanna come back for part #4? .. .ok awesome!

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