Interview with Possessed part 2 Friday May 31 2019, 12:12 PM
Interview with Possessed part 2

#possessed #interview #deathmetal Interview with possessed part 2 Pre-order Revelations of oblivion now! The album will be released worldwide may 10/2019! Jeff Becerra PS4 Gamertag-PS4: Jeffbecerra123 Good evening ladies and gentleman of youtube, i hope you are all having a great night! The Underground Metal Gamer is Back with another video! And tonight we have 2 very special guests with me and 1 returning guest! Mr Jeff Becerra and Mr Daniel Gonzales of the godfathers of Death metal POSSESSED!! How are you guys doing tonight man? First of all I want to thank you both very much for being here with us tonight, Jeff I know your excited to be back and Daniel its very nice to meet you! Alright so we are going to jump right into it here guys are you ready? Alright so the first question ive got for both of you is

#1 What has it been like after 32 years to come back and make a killer new album like Revelations Of Oblivion and what are you the most proud of with the new record?

#2-Revelations of oblivion certainly has a very unique and brutal sound but also retains that classic death metal vibe, How important was it to you guys during the recording of this album to make sure you stayed true to that classic style?

#3- You brought alot of new ideas to the table with REVELATIONS OF OBLIVION how do you think your fans will react to this new album?

#4-POSSESSED has always been a band that does what they want, when they want and i just want you guys to know that I stand by those same principles myself. What would you say to new fans who are just getting into your music?

#5-What advice that you would give some young and upcoming musicians who are new to this industry, and what are some things that they should look out for?

#6 I came across a track called (Abandoned) It has more of a chugging and Technical feel to it and it really showcases the true aggressiveness of the new possessed a No Holds Barred "we're going to chew you up and spit you out" feeling and I'm wondering if this will be on the new album?

#7-Daniel I noticed you've brought a different atmosphere into the group with your guitar playing which is a much heavier and aggressive technical tone can you tell us how you came up with the new sound for POSSESSED-Revelations of oblivion

#8-Jeff on our last interview we talked about how you wrote several songs for SEVEN CHURCHES when you were 16 and the group became one of the fastest Precision playing groups in the world and went on to create The Death metal genre How do you feel since it's not the original members anymore?

#9-how do you feel about the direction of possessed now compared to back then do you feel that it's still the same goal as ever and that it's just became more aggressive and more technical with the new members?

#10-alright guys what do you wanna talk about now? lets just shoot the breeze for a while! Tell us some more about your new album !

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