New Music: FENISIA 'The Spectator' (Southern Rock/Alt-Metal) Monday October 5 2020, 6:40 PM
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New Music: FENISIA 'The Spectator' (Southern Rock/Alt-Metal)

Fenisia is a modern alternative metal band based in Rome, Italy and founded in 2009. The band's music is strongly influenced by the "deep south" sound of the American southern rock movement. The Spectator was produced by Ray Sperlonga (American Idol), and mastered by Collin Davis (Imagica, Deeds of Flesh). The Spectator is the band's new concept album which is named after the English newspaper published in England from 1711 to 1712, which quickly became the symbol of modern journalism. The story of The Spectator develops around the character Lord Lumieres, who is both a journalist and a man of science. More importantly however he is a metaphor for knowledge and truth. Lord Lumieres investigates and unmasks the deceptions and lies of every plot made up by fanatic leaders of illusory cults. He is able to scan both reality and oblivion, in search of the truth. Throughout the story, Lord Lumieres declares his ideals to the world which are born from the enlightenment philosophy. Every song on the album is an adventure and a chapter of the concept of which Lord Lumieres is the protagonist.

Genre: Alternative Metal
Focus Tracks:   #1 Lord Lumieres, #3 Manifesto, #6 Burned In My Brain  

FCC Advisory:  All songs are FCC friendly

Music Videos:  Lord Lumieres (watch), Manifesto (watch), Burned In My Brain (watch) 
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Press & Media Contact:  Chris Poland
Radio Contact:  Kenny Colgate

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