Hellrazor - 'It's Never Too Late’ Streaming on Rockum Radio Show EP54 Thursday October 1 2020, 12:00 AM
Hellrazor - 'It's Never Too Late’ Streaming on Rockum Radio Show EP54

Hellrazor - 'It's Never Too Late’ Streaming on Rockum Radio Show EP54! check it out here at this link: http://rockumweb.com/reportes/616/rockum-radio-show-with-gino-alache-ep54-thomas-youngblood-kamelot-interview

The Playlist:


Bridear- Ghoul (4:22)

Catalysis -  Drowning in My Head (feat. Phil Demmel) (4:09)

Pulse - We Wont come In Peace (4:46)

RAVEN -  Metal City (3:27)

Synthetic - Graceful Ignorance (5:18)

Full House Brew Crew - Bare Knuckle (3:28)

Hydrogyn- Disappear (2:52)

Kamelot - Phantom Divine (Shadow Empire) - Live From The 013 (4:04)

kamelot-tomas ST-ID 2020 (0:05)

Thomas Youngblood Kamelot Interview with Gino Alache (11:20)

Kamelot - When The Lights Are Down - Live From The 013 (4:20)

Eleine - Enemies SEVVF 1902401 (5:22)

Master Sword - The Forsaken Tribe (5:01)

Amaranthe- Strong (3:06)

Euphoria - Euphoria - "Edge of the World" (4:03)

Neon Angel -  Another Kind Of Love (3:18)

Hellrazor - It's Never Too Late (5:06)

Stormwind - Holy Land (6:47)

Hammerfall Keep the Flame Burning (5:10)

Corners of Sanctuary - Heroes Never Die (3:07)

Sodom - Sodom & Gomorrha (4:06)

Evildead - The Descending (3:17)

Devildriver - Wishing (4:19)

Kataklysm Underneath The Scars (3:46)

Raventale - Route To Andromeda (5:48)

Brzask - Brzask II (Wind Incantation) (4:38)


Kasey Haze has been in numerous bands and projects spanning almost two decades. He is most known for being the primary songwriter, co-founder and bass guitarist for Canadian hard rock/metal band HELLRAZOR.
Among many accomplishments, HELLRAZOR beat out 179 Canadian bands to play in Emergenzas world wide music festival placing 22 overall out of thousands of bands. The band was also featured on "lick it up A millennium Tribute to Kiss" which featured Skid Row, Slash's Snakepit, Deep Purple, Dio and many more. 
After nearly twelve year hiatus from HELLRAZOR, Kasey returns as the lone member of the band writing and recording 2020s "Hero No More" release. This album features Kasey on lead vocals as well as rhythm guitar, bass and keyboards.

"I was in the process of writing more songs and had lots of ideas for HELLRAZOR back in 2008. But the band broke up, nothing was recorded and everything was shelved. I never used any of the material for other projects because they were HELLRAZOR." 

HELLRAZOR has been compared to many great metal and hard rock bands from the 80's and is starting to create a buzz in Japan since the release of the album. "Hero No More" has over 10k plays since being released in June and play numbers, mailing list and website traffic continue to grow. The release features Dr. Mindbender, Devil In Disguise, acoustic ballad Never Too Late and a cover of Sarah Mclachlan's Possession.

The album is being sold on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer and many other platforms. 






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