Florida's INTOXICATED stream long-awaited SEEING RED EP at WeAreThePit.com - features members of ANDREW WK's band Thursday August 27 2020, 6:25 PM
Florida's INTOXICATED stream long-awaited SEEING RED EP at WeAreThePit.com - features members of ANDREW WK's band

Today, Floridian thrashers Intoxicated stream the entirety of their long-awaited new EP,  Walled , at heavily trafficked web-portal  WeAreThePit.com . Set for international release on August 28th via Seeing Red Records, hear Intoxicated's Walled video in its entirety exclusively  HERE .

The history of Florida's Intoxicated dates back to the early '90's. Throughout the early-to-mid '90s, the band released four demos, one of which, the Drain EP, was recorded and produced by their friend Chuck Schuldiner and also featured Trevor Peres.

When Obituary went on hiatus for all those years, Donald Tardy actually joined Intoxicated and played with the band for nearly four years. During that time, Andrew WK, being a huge Obituary fan, approached Donald to be in his band. As it turned out, since Donald was jamming with the Intoxicated boys at the time, Andrew WK hired all of the Intoxicated members to be his backing band, which is also why Intoxicated has taken a giant backseat for all these years. What's even more interesting is that Erik Payne, the vocalist & guitarist of the band, is brother to Tim Payne of Team Pain! Tim and Team Payne were the architects behind the infamous Animal Chin skate ramp and are the most famous skatepark-building team in the world, having worked on nearly everything you could imagine - Jackass, X-Games, the list is endless.
In anticipation of the Walled EP’s release, the group has received a wave of press coverage and are poised to blast onto the international scene. Videos of tracks from the EP are being featured on MTV Latin America, and tour dates are being booked across the South American market, including the Malagana Festival in Colombia. Prior to the pandemic, Intoxicated played shows supporting Soulfly, DRI, and Toxic Holocaust.
While the band's roots are firmly planted in the death/thrash roots of their Florida brethren, Intoxicated have expanded their sonic palette to incorporate more crossover and hardcore influences, as well. Intoxicated are the real deal, and after all these years, Seeing Red Records feels really fortunate to have connected with the guys and are extremely proud to officially announce them to the world! With music that is as equally amazing as the story, grab a board, a bike, or get behind your favorite set of wheels and crank this EP to 11!

Get fully cranked with a full stream of Walled exclusively  HERE , courtesy of WeAreThePit.com. Also check out the recently revealed video for the title track "Walled" exclusively  HERE , courtesy of Decibel magazine. Preorder info can be found  HERE  at Seeing Red's Bandcamp. Cover art, courtesy of Celeste Brown, and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Intoxicated (Florida)'s Walled
1. Smash The Line
2. Walled
3. Grab The Rope
4. Hells Reward
5. Stuck In Mode
6. Yuck

"GOD DAMN, finally a boat riff-worthy of all the decades. True integrity!!!"
 - Matt Pike, High on Fire / SLEEP

:One of the great things about Intoxicated is that they are heavier than a sack of crystal balls, and they really party hard as heck!"

"It's good to hear new music from old friends and seeing them keep the flame burning during this pandemic. It's like as if traces of Chuck Schuldiner's DNA is still in the Florida drinking water, Intoxicated are still keeping Florida Death Metal true and alive."
 - Donald Tardy, Obituary

"It’s about time someone put the pedal to the metal!"
 - Rick Kosick, JACKASS

"Pure Florida-grown Thrash Metal with heavy Death Metal grooves and overtones."
 - Trevor Peres, Obituary 

"It’s Intoxicated as I always knew them: no nonsense, in your face, and totally aggro!"
 - Bobby Koelble, Death / Death to All

"Good ole fashioned Florida death, with a straightforward punk rock attitude!"
 - Nate Garret, Gatecreeper / Spirit Adrift

"Honest brutal Thrash from one of the most infamous players in the Florida Metal Scene! This music makes me want to jump on my skateboard or stage dive into the pit!!!"
 - Nathen Maxwell, Flogging Molly


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