MIEA: new promo materials from SLOVAK METAL ARMY Tuesday May 26 2020, 8:46 PM
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MIEA: new promo materials from SLOVAK METAL ARMY

SLOVAK METAL ARMY is proud to present MIEA's highly anticipated second album, Chaos and Perfections.

MIEA is a four-piece heavy rock and metal band created in Prague, Czechia since late 2017, characterized by its massive live atmosphere but also heavy and piercing music. Their compositions fluctuate around styles like stoner, doom, and post with prog elements. Original members Simon Kdyr (drums) and Miki Hank (vocals, guitar) took another step forward not only with the addition two new members, Dominik Lenart (guitar) and Kamil Oravec (bass guitar), but the band completed their second album, Chaos and Perfections, which will now be released by SLOVAK METAL ARMY.

Years after their *To Walk Around debut, this new lineup of MIEA has been working all together inside their rehearsal room. They worked on the songs with great emphasis on the right amount of atmosphere and precise live sound. This time, they took a step to a simpler approach, with straight into-your-face material, resulting in shorter songs with artful or prog twists.

Chaos and Perfections deals with the self-isolation within our own thoughts. It is about the nature of mankind and the world around us. It starts and it ends with individual decisions. It is about misunderstanding of consequences. When you peek inside a jungle, at first sight, it may seem pretend-like chaos, but the reality brings the perfection of now: regardless of good or evil, that everything has its place, the exact reason - why it is, how it is. There is a hidden perfection and holiness within the chaos. Everything has consequences; there is a never-ending movement and constant change ruled by the fundamental natural principles, or the higher intelligence - or their brilliant and perfect synergy? - when we are ruled by the love of one another.



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