Thraxas! is Band Of The Month for September 2019 on MDR! Monday September 2 2019, 8:55 AM
Thraxas! is Band Of The Month for September 2019 on MDR!

Devastating the polls with 20,083 votes! Thraxas wins the battle! Thraxas! have been building a buzz in the Sydney scene since original members Izak Easterbrook and founder Chris “Bull” Woods launched Thraxas! in 2012. After a number of live performances and part time appearances they released their acclaimed ‘Slave Wages’ demo in 2018 and began slaying Sydney audiences with it. Then with the introduction of Aleks Rad later in 2018, and Dan Andrews in 2019, they have been working together on writing new material and incorporating it into their live shows, creating the ‘new’ Thraxas! sound that is igniting audiences and tearing venues apart!

Thraxas! are a perfect blend of thrash and groove metal meshed with tones of Pantera, Exodus, Slayer, Lamb of God and Machinehead. With the two new recent member additions Thraxas! have begun to incorporate aspects of doom metal, progressive metal and even death metal to create the ultimate metal hybrid. This can be heard in their new single “Cthulhu Rising” which introduces fans and listeners to some of these new darker elements and melodic riffs.


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