Black Water Greed Is Band Of The Month August 2019! Saturday August 3 2019, 2:14 PM
Black Water Greed Is Band Of The Month August 2019!

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Biography | Black Water Greed
Black Water Greed originated as a collaboration project in 2010, born from the inspired minds of two seasoned musicians, Jj Tyson and Rick Risberg – who first met in the 80s while putting together a band that was well-received on a local level, Rough Innocence. Black Water Greed, whose name was stumbled upon while tossing about song titles, is now comprised of JJ Tyson; drums, Michael Mundy; lead vocals, and Ios (Andy) Patzer; guitars. 
The band officially launched as a force in the music industry in Lancaster, PA in 2012 while riding the wave of the wild popularity of the song “Walk Away.” The song, authored by Tyson, chronicles an emotionally unhealthy, insecure relationship that is fraught with jealousy and toxicity…where the best thing to do is to walk away. This theme apparently resounded with their dedicated fanbase, as the video for “Walk Away” amassed over 1 million views on YouTube! BWG attributes this impressive milestone to tireless marketing, along with a little help from their friends and fans. 
In order to grow their presence, they enlisted their devoted fanbase to help spread the word, as well as blasting it across various social media platforms and diligently submitting their music to internet radio stations. Additionally, Tyson travelled overseas to various stop-offs – including Japan, Indonesia, and the UK – where he promoted the project heavily. This strategy worked for BWG, along with direct marketing…in global proportions. BWG garnered the number 1 spot for 5 weeks at the UK FM station Abbey 104!
Black Water Greed is quick to credit their fans for their success – whom they refer to as “Greeders.” They view their fans as the backbone of the band. Being an independent band that is striving to carve out their niche in a vast market that is saturated with talent, there is much that sets BWG apart from the plethora of bands who are all vying to garner the industry’s attention and eke out a living in music. They are tenacious, which has netted them traction. Their hit song “Walk Away” was the catalyst that lit the spark that caught fire to Black Water Greed. This is probably most due to the undeniable catchy musicality along with the relatability of “Walk Away.” The song’s message resounded with many across generational lines and from various life experiences. In fact, many fans have contacted BWG saying that “Walk Away” told their life story in 5 minutes! 
BWG doesn’t take their fans or their success for granted and are proponents of “giving back” – especially where this country’s Veterans are concerned. They recognize that music can be a platform to call attention to various causes. To this end, the proceeds from their song “21 Shells Say Goodbye” are donated to The Wounded Warrior Project. 
Cumulatively, Black Water Greed creates a sound that stands in a category of its own. They refer to their music as “classy rock” – which is a marriage of the classic rock from the 70s and 80s, but with a modern vocal sound. Their influences musically run the gamut – from early Grand Funk Railroad to The Beatles and Elton John…to more modern sources, such as Five Finger Death Punch, Volbeat, Lamb of God, and Shinedown. They have opened for such iconic bands as Kix and Adrenaline Mob and look forward to sharing stages with many others in the near future and presenting their evolved sound. Since their inception in 2010, the metro sound of their earlier years has morphed into a more mature approach to their music, adding more elaborate backup vocals and adopting a harder edge to their songs. They have fine-tuned their songwriting skills, along with their business acumen and understanding of the production side of music. 
And speaking of production…currently all eyes are fixed on the upcoming release of their debut album “Circle Of Sin” – which is slated for an early January 2019 release. It will feature 11 powerful songs, with David Mobley serving as Executive Producer. BWG met Mobley a few years back when submitting songs to his radio show. They stayed in contact and a great friendship developed. It was a natural progression that Mobley would become the Executive Producer for this new album project for BWG. Mobley possesses a vast resume and is a visionary in the industry. BWG refers to Mobley as their “mentor” and they immensely value his spot-on intuitions along with his constructive criticism. Mobley’s influences can be felt and heard throughout the album. In short, Mobley has defined – and refined – Black Water Greed with “Circle Of Sin” and his input has been both inspirational and a driving force behind the album. Also anticipated is the release of the documentary/promotional video on the making of “Circle Of Sin,” which was filmed in Las Vegas and will be unveiled to coincide with the album release.
Future goals include to continue their commitment to bringing great music to their listeners’ ear. This would include getting out and showing the world who Black Water Greed are and what they represent. To this end, there is talk of a tour in late 2019 and even whispers of a 2nd album to follow the much-anticipated “Circle Of Sin.” Whatever the future holds, it will be driven by the emotion that BWG puts into their lyrics that keep them in tune with their fans…and that’s exactly where they want to be!

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