Sick Lore - Band Of The Month - June 2019 Sunday June 9 2019, 10:30 PM
Sick Lore - Band Of The Month - June 2019

Sick Lore destroys the polls and wins Battle Of The Bands! The band has this to say about them selves:

"So, like Lars Ulrich from Metallica, we are Danish, and as Danes, we are all pretty intense, weird and twisted. But, we are also tired of conflicts, stupid wars and endless propaganda.
We are a small country with a huge heart, and we have taken so much shit from so many people, for so many years, we can see through the media and political lies from miles away. Also,
Hans Christian Anderson is of course a big influence. He wrote tails like, the Little Mermaid, The Ugly Duckling, and most relevant, The Emporer's New Clothes.and in that story Sick Lore is the boy, shouting “see he has no clothes on”
We are a working class band that appeals to your average everyday person reality. We are the guys that fix your plumbing, your lights and with a carpenter bass player… hell, we could build a mega recording studio to record our next album in if we wanted too, but we spend all our spare time going deaf in rehearsals, when we are not with family and friends.
We had a big challenge finding the right singer for years, we needed someone that really clicked with our sound and music, and that had the presence and ability to convey that to the public”, Palle added. “I ran into Tasos by accident and a twist of fate. I guess that’s what happens when you are dead fuckin tired after working your ass off for weeks and you take the wrong train home. It’s a funny story for another time.
Jacob joined the band while partying at the Metal Festival, Copenhell in Copenhagen. We realised he was on the same level and would fit in perfect.
Jacob has played bad-ass bass the last 10 years with strong influences from Slayer and Biohazard. He lays down the low end groove for a solid metal punch. He holds it all together.
Kim has been bashing drums for the last 25 years. He has strong influences from Mikkey Dee and Lamb of God. He is frantic, flexible and can hold a tight and consistent beat in any time key.
Palle loves Pantera and Dream Theatre, plays guitar and is the Band Manager as well. He has been a metal axeman for over 15 years.
Tasos is the lead singer of the band coming with such diverse influences as Tool, Queens of the Stoneage and Gorillaz. wich we think his vocal performance shows, he came into the band in a odd way, and even though he is much younger that the tree other guys, we click.
So four different guys with one common goal, play loud and heavy music.
-So, when does the album come out?
Thats a very good question, we are hoping to get into the studio in the spring of 2020 We have a ton of ideas that we are working on now, but like a great Danish Beer, these things take time to brew!
-Why Sick Lore? What does that mean?
Sick is Sick right? And Lore means Knowledge. Sick Lore is here to inform, educate and propagate the apparent twisted madness of a chaotic world that wants to make us believe everything is alright.
Survive this sick world with Sick Lore."

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