New Gravehuffer - Free Download - Grab It Here! Sunday March 31 2019, 12:46 PM
The Beast
New Gravehuffer - Free Download - Grab It Here!

Two Track 7"EP...
Limited to 500 Presses
Four Color Variants:
Black w/White Splatter - 150 Presses
White w/Black Spatter - 125 Presses
Smoke Gray w/Marbling - 150 Presses
Solid White - 75 Presses
Making this 7" Vinyl EP something really special for you guys there is art done for each track on the EP, one art piece was done for track Demon Face, Demon Face is a song about Edward Mordrake, the man who supposedly had two faces, the other track is called Stalingrad's Cross, this song about the Battle Of Stalingrad.
Check out Gravehuffer's video Kill For Sport
releases June 13, 2019
Band Members:
James Hiser - Vocals
Mike Jilge - Bass
Ritchie Randall - Guitars
Kasey Denton - Drums
Hometown - Joplin, Missouri
Special guest appearances on Stalingrad's Cross by
Kevin Hasselquist and Sean Roycraft of Sardis.
Recorded at Skunkwerx Audio unit
Mixed by Mike Jilge
Vinyl Mastering by Dave Lucky Lacquers
Demon Face art by Karl Dahmer at Dahmer Art
Stalingrad's Cross art by Bjorn Grasses at Grasenstyle Blood Artworks
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