Dopelord, Children of the Haze Monday February 6 2017, 10:18 PM
The Beast
Dopelord, Children of the Haze

Dopelord sound exactly how you’d expect a band called Dopelord to sound, and while the Polish band doesn’t exactly reinvent the bong, their latest album is a masterclass in execution. Beyond the universal stoner doom reference point of Black Sabbath (who certainly loom large here), fans of Church of Misery and Electric Wizard will also find a lot to love in the band’s riffs-on-riffs-on-riffs epics. Children of the Haze wouldn’t work if Dopelord were only capable of plodding heaviness, though. These songs really groove and swing, and that’s a testament to the band’s musical chemistry. The vicious “Scum Priest” and the hazy title track in particular reveal Dopelord as lockstep musical soulmates who bring out the best in one another. - pulled from


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DJ REM This right here is badass!!! Thanks for sharing!
last year
Zach Moonshine
The Beast you are welcome bro, this band was featured in some blog bandcamp posted about best new metal bands on bandcamp so i checked em out and decided to repost em here very cool band
last year