Watch: Geddy Lee of Rush Reacts to Tool's 'Schism' Sunday February 10 2019, 3:13 AM
Watch: Geddy Lee of Rush Reacts to Tool's 'Schism'

Rush singer/bassist Geddy Lee recently sat down with CBC Music to listen to some tunes and say whether they are "Jam of Not Jam."

The musician was played "If I Had $1,000,000" by Barenaked Ladies, "Rapture" by Blondie, Childish Gambino's "Redbone," Metallica's "For Whom the Bell Tolls," and "Schism" by Tool.

While listening to "Schism," Geddy said:

"This is a jam already. You just have to give me an odd-time signature and I'm all in... This is what I want to turn up... I'm digging this. I don't remember who it is, but I've heard it before. Ultimate jam, that's a jam."

As for "For Whom the Bell Tolls," Geddy said:

"I know that bell... This is one of those songs where the bass line is really doubling the guitar parts. So it's not... it's basically contributing to the heavy *inaudible* of the track. The purpose of the bass line is to add weight.

"It's got a bit of a twang and a lot of heaviness. So that genre requires that heavy-metal pump, and that's what this bass line does. So I would say it's kind of a jam."

You can check it all out in the embedded player below.

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