Viridian Flame To Release Their First Three Albums! Tuesday February 5 2019, 9:47 PM
Viridian Flame To Release Their First Three Albums!

Viridian Flame Records Presents First Releases

Based in the heart of Europe, new label Viridian Flame Records specializes in vinyl versions of works within the Atmospheric Black Metal realm. For this first batch of releases, they selected three overlooked gems of the genre from recent years :

Soul Dissolution - Stardust
Stardust is this Belgian duo's second album, inspired by bands such as Agalloch, Drudkh, Alcest and Harakiri For The Sky. Originally released in March 2018 by Black Lion Records, it was a step up for the growing band and has earned numerous accolades from fans of the genre.

"It’s the musical equivalent of standing on a mountain after a hike, and you reach the top just in time to see the sun set and the stars begin to show themselves and coalesce into rivers of light looking down on the trees. It’s gorgeous, strange as it feels to say that about a black metal record" (4/5)- Toilet ov Hell

Raventale - Planetarium
This is the latest album from these veterans of the Ukrainian Black Metal scene, who have been active since 2005. Originally released in 2017 by Ashen Dominion, Planetarium presents a matured vision of the band's well established sound, blending influences from country-mates Drudkh and Khors with the likes of Wyrd and early-Katatonia. Undoubtedly it's one of their most accomplished albums to date.

"Completed by some strongly-performed raw, snarling screams, and with a production that’s both powerful and aesthetically right for the underground nature of the album, Planetarim is an all-round winner."- Wonderbox Metal

A Light in the Dark - A Long Journey Home
We're excited to present the latest album from this Russian-based project, masterminded by prolific musician B.M. who is widely known for his work with Skyforest. A Light in the Dark lies in the realm of Blackgaze, taking additional influences from post-rock and chill beat to create a unique atmosphere. Recommended for fans of Germ and Amesoeurs!

You can now pre-order these albums on vinyl from the label's Bandcamp page :  https://viridianflame.

5€ worldwide shipping per album!


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