Special Doombanomicon compilation to be released this spring Monday February 4 2019, 11:13 PM
Special Doombanomicon compilation to be released this spring

Black Doomba Records is pleased to announce that they will release a special compilation called "Doombanomicon" this spring. The compilation will be limited to 300 copies on double LP. All pre-orders will come with a Black Doomba Records patch and shirt based on the cover.

Black Doomba Records founder Tommy Stewart commented "Doombanomicon is a vision I have of getting back to the days when a compilation was a special release, not just a sampler. In keeping with Black Doomba Records style, this first release will be dark, heavy, and slightly experimental to bring doom artists of various styles to the table that might not be so familiar to fans, but should be heard. It will be a Deluxe Special Edition double vinyl, 180 grams, coming in 2 different 3 color variants, and a free download card, so you can see, this is no average compilation!"    

Artists on the record include: 

Negative Wall
Gallow God
Tommy Stewart's Dyerwulf
Dead Register
Bludy Gyres
Order of the Owl
Dayglo Mourning
Coffin Torture
Grave Huffer

More information will be available soon!

https://blackdoombarecords. bandcamp.com/

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