An invitation to support "MDR Keep The Music Blasting Fundraiser!" Sunday February 3 2019, 10:55 AM
An invitation to support "MDR Keep The Music Blasting Fundraiser!"

MDR Keep The Music Blasting Fundraiser!

Support by making a donation and helping spread the word.

MDR was created for one reason only: To promote underground bands, to share music, and to network with metal heads all over the world. We think MDR is very special and we have grown so much over the last five years since we began this journey. If you think MDR is special too, and is a place where you enjoy spending time, sharing music, and discovering new bands, then we humbly ask for donations to help keep MDR running. We know not everyone can afford to give even five dollars, but if even half of you could give just a dollar or more, MDR could continue to run, promote bands, provide a social network, and grow even bigger.

The money we are raising in this campaign is to cover annual operating expenses and to include our license.

Help MDR make it to 2020!

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