New Promo: Acts of Swine - Pork Grind Vol. 1 - (Death Metal / Pork Grind) Friday February 16 2024, 1:12 PM
New Promo: Acts of Swine - Pork Grind Vol. 1 - (Death Metal / Pork Grind)

Release Date: 11/1/23

Genre Description: Death Metal / Pork Grind


Location: Mount Prospect, IL


Acts of Swine Unleashes "Pork Grind Vol. 1" - A Whirlwind of Death Metal and Pork Grind Extravaganza

Mount Prospect, IL - February 16, 2024 - Acts of Swine, the brainchild of guitarist Dan Guenther and vocalist Brian Worth, is set to astound audiences with their latest release, "Pork Grind Vol. 1," hitting the shelves on November 1st, 2023. This audacious EP combines the ferocity of death metal with a dash of humor and a hefty serving of pork grind, creating a sound that is as unconventional as it is electrifying.

From its inception in 2016, Acts of Swine has been pushing the boundaries of the metal genre, and "Pork Grind Vol. 1" is no exception. The brainchild of Brian Worth, the EP is a testament to the band's dedication to innovation and creativity.

Drawing inspiration from diverse influences ranging from Toto, Cardiacs, Fishbone, and Frank Zappa, "Pork Grind Vol. 1" is a whirlwind of sonic exploration. Brian Worth shares, "I began work on the Pork Grind EP in late 2019, but got quickly sidetracked by the pandemic. When I came back to it in early 2021, I knew I wanted to make a 'fun' death metal album, as a reaction to the horrible year that we had all gone through."

As the sole official member of Acts of Swine, Brian Worth took on a larger role with this release, acting as producer, as well as handling mixing and mastering duties. Collaborators and guests, including Chris "The Crypt" Grant and David Ingram of Benediction, contribute to the EP's eclectic sound, while Brian Worth's wife and daughter even make appearances.

Tracks like "Immurement" and "I Don't Wanna Grow Up" showcase the band's versatility and willingness to experiment, while the Clutch cover "Animal Farm" adds a fresh twist to a classic. The EP's closer, "Choked On My Spit," offers a playful nod to outtakes and bloopers, serving as the perfect conclusion to this wild musical ride.

With "Pork Grind Vol. 1," Acts of Swine cements their status as one of the most exciting and innovative acts in the metal scene today. As fans eagerly await the release, anticipation is high for what promises to be a truly unforgettable listening experience.

About Acts of Swine:

Acts of Swine is a Mount Prospect-based metal band known for their boundary-pushing sound and combining elements of death metal and pork grind, Acts of Swine continues to defy genre conventions and captivate metal maniacs worldwide.

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