MALOMBRA - T.R.E.S. - Reviewed By italiadimetallo! Sunday January 28 2024, 11:30 AM
MALOMBRA - T.R.E.S. - Reviewed By italiadimetallo!

MALOMBRA - T.R.E.S. - Reviewed By italiadimetallo ! Check it out here

Malce for me has always been synonymous with upset, because I have always associated this name with an Italian erotic film of the 80s: not so much for having seen it indoors, but because, since then more or less innocent neven, I had come across his trailer by chance an afternoon, since then in the "Cinema Trip" were cheerfully mixed with GremlinsKarate Kid, as Creepshow with this Malombrnovel.Less out of the homonymous band that, however, like that film a little 'benevel, moves me into strange and indecipherable mechanisms.

The MALOMBRA, we said, that after more than twenty years from the previous 'The Dissolution Age' return with an unpublished record, the here present 'T.R.E.S', published by the most holy and divine Black Widow of Genoa, true tutelary for a certain type of dismal and obscure sounds; indeed I should say they return, since the record was already composed of the series.Revisited in today’s form so that our ears may drink with such majestic sound mystery.

The album is as much a tribute to the Italian Progressive as to a certain type of Heavy rock that explores the evil and mysterious side (a term used by the band that I find beautiful to express their particular musical research) of the dark sound of seminal bands such as Candlemass, Black Widow or Danzig.

It goes without saying that the sung in Italian, emphatic and theatrical of the immense Mercy, is absolutely (exceptional) functional in accentuating the deep darkness of the pieces, each of which is a long ride in the blackest night: the band takes its time in exploring every little musical raving to bring out the right atmosphere in a continuous tension that, like a cold chill that runs along the backAstarte Syriaca.Baccanalia" ") )

Introduced that an evil melody that seems almost a song of sirene, as could have been able to conceive Paul Williams at the time of the "Ghost of the stage", comes "Mumombra", which is a Gothic tale in music that would be reductive to bring closer to a mere soundtrack for some elusive fear of fear, so the song is dense and stratified. I would advise to listen to him in the dark, at night, alone, in order to sink into what is a real sensory experience of a higher level.

The record is never immediate, trivial, certainly not suitable for those who are distracted, because it requires and deserves concentration in listening; nor is the ambiguous and bewitching example "Ipnagogic hallucination", a real trip made with open eyes that, for an absurd short circuit, has reminded me of what Federico Fiumani did with his Diaframma.

We are only halfway, but the beauty has yet to come, because the band has in store for us "Recio Gaia 666", a real black heart of the album, a song of over seventeen minutes that is itself a disc in the disco, a suite in which everything happens, but in which everything has a very specific meaning, nothing is left to chaos, nothing to chance: every second is a necessary tile to build the black mosaic that we will find in front of the piece. Standing ovation.

There is so much Doom in the next "Mhostingian 1914", but not only, because the progressive evolution that takes place in the chorus has made me stand up: "That we are but dead that toast / that will never be detach from the notes of the forgotten plane / on which you make a poutri of motifs that rub", pure poetry.

We have come to the end and all that remains is "The Sola Immanenza", almost a brief farewell that catches me unprepared and unable to move away, as if I had just begun a journey that must already end, short as all beautiful things, short as life. But it is right that it is so and then all that remains is to go, get lost in the mist and disappear into the darkness.

A real-hearted applause to the musicians who helped to create this sound: Matteo Ricci, Fabio Cuomo and Giulio Gaietto, who concerted together with Mercy the realization of this black pearl that I highly recommend to those who want to go to music.


Cristian Angelini italiadimetallo

Release Date: 10TH March, 2023

FFO: Black Sabbath, King Crimson, Van Der Graaf Generator

Location: Genova - Italy

We are excited to announce that MALOMBRA, the Italian progressive metal band, is set to release their latest album T.R.E.S in 2023. The band was founded by Renato Carpaneto, Matteo Ricci, Fabio Casanova, Mario Paglieri, and Luca Brengio, and released their first album Malombra in 1993, followed by Our Lady of The Bones in 1996. In 2001, they released Dissolution Age with only Mercy from the original line-up. T.R.E.S marks the end of a work that began in 1996 with the original line-up, and we can't wait to hear what MALOMBRA has in store for us. Stay tuned for more updates!

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Current line-up:
Voice and lyrics: Renato “Mercy” Carpaneto
Guitars: Matteo Ricci
Mauro Sciaccaluga: Guitars
Daniele Gasparini: Bass
Airon: Keyboards
Fabio Cuomo: Drums

All records were released on Black Widow Records!

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