Beyond Shadows - Self Titled - Reviewed By zwaremetalen! Wednesday January 24 2024, 8:18 PM
Beyond Shadows - Self Titled - Reviewed By zwaremetalen!

Beyond Shadows - Self Titled - Reviewed By zwaremetalen ! Check it out here

Beyond Shadows is a two-man formation from New York, United States of America, and they play melodic death metal in the classic way, namely Gothenburg style. However, they are announced in the promotional brochure as a Swedish band from Göthenburg, anyone who can understand. In any case, it took me a few minutes to figure out this joke. They're rascals, those promo guys. The two gentlemen do everything themselves, so they release this self-titled album independently and do this with the help of some flashy, colored artwork and of course with a hell of a production: none other than Fredrik Nordström from the Fredman studio was at the controls. You just have to get it done. By the way, the YouTube video below is not of a song from the new album, but shows some older work that fits perfectly with the current sound.

Does it sound like Swedish melodic death metal? Sure, it would be a shame if that weren't the case. Production-wise it's rock solid. But for my taste there is just a bit too much bass and it sounds a bit too slick and clean. Don't whine, my grandfather would say, just listen. I do that with pleasure because David's throat rattle is pleasant to hear. Musically speaking, you can't notice much or anything about this Beyond Shadows , nor should you complain about the song structures because a lot of thought has been given to that too. How about brutal rolling drum violence, screeching and flashing solos, twin leads to die for... you name it and it will be covered.

But what does all this add to the genre? A genre that has its grandmasters who are still more than active and who, let's face it, often do better than their little brothers. Beyond Shadows adds the following to this genre: fury and aggression (listen to the opening track: Where No Sorrow Follows or the successor Plight Of The Hunter ) and finesse and astuteness (hear it in  My Anger of My Love , which lasts no less than nine minutes). lasts), but there is also just solidity (with The March Goes On or Beyond Shadows as examples).

Anyone who wants to add to their collection of melodic death metal can swipe their bank card without blinking, you won't be bored with these Beyond Shadows .



Release Date: 09/29/2023

FFO: At the Gates, In Flames, Nightrage

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

Swedish melodic death metal band has announced the release of their new 'self titled' album on 29th September 2023. The album features 10 breathtaking tracks, produced and mixed by renowned producer Fredrik Nordstrom at Studio Fredman, Sweden. With influences from At the Gates, In Flames, and Nightrage, the album promises to deliver a unique blend of melodic riffs, aggressive vocals, and powerful drumming. Fans of the genre can expect nothing but the best from this highly anticipated release. Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming album.

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